Peoples' Friendship University Of Russia

People’s Friendship University of Russia is located at Moscow and is considered to be the third best university in the country.Moscow is the capital of the country and the centerof politics, economics, culture and science of Russia and Eurasia. It was established in 1960 with the aim of serving different Asian nations. The Medical faculty of the college was founded in 1961, where students can major in general medicine, pharmacy and dentistry. There are 430 departments under this faculty, and two independent courses are offered by this faculty. Undergraduate, postgraduate and a doctoral degree is offered by this faculty.

Duration of Course

Students can also opt for specialization form a host of subjects both for internship and residential clinical training. Students with a degree from this college can pursue a career in different countries, who are members of United Nations. Duration of these courses largely depends on the medium of instruction that they have chosen for pursuing the course. If they choose the medium to be English, then thee duration of undergraduate course in general medicine is six years. Duration of dentistry and pharmacy is of five years respectively.Students can also opt to pursue the course in Russian language, for this, they need to go through a preparatory course of one year. In this course, they can learn about the basics of the language and on qualifying that they can pursue the undergraduate course.

Annual Fees of Courses

Students need to pay their tuition fee at the initiation of each year. The academic course, of the course, in Russia initiates from the first day of September each year. The year is segregated into two semesters.Students also get a long vacation of approximately two months at the end of the academic year. On an average, the tuition fee of the courses range in between US$ 3500 to US $ 8500 per year. The fee for hostel accommodation ranges in between US $ 1000 to US $ 2000. It is mandatory for students to pay a fee for their medical insurance which amounts to US $ 260 per year.

Various Facilities for Students

Indian students are permitted, by the government of the country, to pursue part time job while studying in the country. The college has a number of hostels in the sprawling campus. The hostels are centrally heated and are equipped with facilities that help students to stay comfortably. There are also recreational facilities and amenities for sports and fitness in the campus. Students can also access the well-stocked library of the college.

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