Novgorod State University

Novgorod State University (Jaroslav The Wise), Faculty Of Medicine

Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University was created by the merger of two universities in 1933. Presently the university comprises of four colleges dedicated to secondary education and seven institutes.The university is named after the Russian prince of the same name. It is situated in Novgorod, one of the oldest towns in Russia. From time immemorial the town has been a centre for culture and education.It is rated among the top ten universities of the country. Out of the seven institutes one is dedicated to medical sciences. Students from Asian countries, Africa, USA, and European Union flock to this university to pursue medical courses.

Degree At Par With Other Countries

Upon completion of the graduation degree students are conferred with European Appendix, which makes the degree at par with the degree conferred by universities in 45 EU and other countries.This makes it easy for students to seek employment with noted employers in the different corner of the world.Undergraduate courses in medical sciences are offered to students, upon completing it, students are conferred with MD which is equivalent to the MNBBS degree in India. The medium of instruction is strictly in Russian for the different courses offered by the university.International students need to take up a foundation course that primarily focuses on teaching the local language to students. On successfully completing it, students are allowed to pursue further courses in the university.

Duration and Fees Structure

Under the Institute of Medical Education, students can take up courses in General Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy. Duration of the undergraduate course in general medicine is of six years, and that of dentistry and pharmacy is of five years. The postgraduate courses are of three years, and the doctoral degree requires three years to complete. On an average, the tuition fee for a year ranges in between US $ 3000 to US $ 4300 per annum. Other expenses to be covered are the charges for hostel accommodation, which is about US $ 320 per annum and fee for medical insurance, which is approximately US $ 200 per annum.

Assures Comfortable Living

Right from the arrival of the student at the closest international airport for the first time, the university makes sure that utmost comfort is awarded to them.The university offers a host of extracurricular activities to students. Students are provided comfortable accommodation in hostels and dormitory,within the campus of the university. They can opt for both single occupancy and share the room with other roommates. They are provided with student’s concession card and they can visit places of tourist importance at discounted rates. There are also ample opportunities for students to take part in different sports and cultural activity. Part time work is allowed for Indian students by the government of the country.

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