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Often it may cross your mind that you want to pursue a medical program overseas. There are several advantages of completing a medical program in Russia. Education system in Russia is one among the best in Europe. Higher education system in Russia is one of the most advanced. The educational institutes are equipped with dedicated and experienced teachers who aim at producing successful doctors and physicians who can face the challenges of their professional lives successfully and work towards the benefit of the society. The courses offered by the 50 medical colleges in Russia are globally recognized. Russian degrees are recognized by WHO and UNESCO. Some of the Russian colleges feature among the best in the world. The colleges are equipped with advanced research labs and trained staff. The greatest advantage of pursuing medical program in Russia is that the course is more affordable than completing a medical program in India. Ever since Russia has become a member of the Bologna process the system of education in the country has undergone a change. The bachelor’s program can be completed in 4 years and master’s program in 2 years. After completing the bachelors program, the students need to undergo an internship. If students wish to study course in Russian, they need to undergo a preparatory program before the course commences.


To gain admission in Russian universities you do not need to clear language tests like TOEFL and IELTS. The students do not need to appear for GRE. Aspirants to the program are selected on first come first serve basis. The students need to qualify the requirements which are set by the Medical council of India. To pursue higher studies in the Russian State, the students need to attain 50% marks in Physics, chemistry and Biology in the 12th standard. Admission process to the Russian universities is very easy and uncomplicated. In order to enroll in a medical program Indian students need to obtain an eligibility certificate from the medical Council of India.

Documents Required

International students planning to complete a medical program in the reputed Russian universities need to submit a filled application process, a higher secondary school completion certificate which is translated in Russian, a medical certificate which states the general health condition. A page of the valid passport is also essential. In order to pursue a medical program in the country, you will need to register a student visa on arrival. After obtaining an invitation letter from the university, you can apply for a visa. To procure a student visa you need to furnish a letter of acceptance and a proof of accommodation. All education certificates and transcripts are essential. Students need to provide an evidence of funding the course. A valid passport is very essential.

Fee Structure

Tuition fee of medical colleges in Russia are more affordable than the colleges in other countries. Tuition fee includes library charges, study materials, examination fee and laboratory charges. Medical course, which is imparted in English,can be completed in US$ 400 to US$5000. The hostel accommodation fee is US$300 TO US$500. A health insurance is mandatory for the students for which the students need to pay US$100 TO US$ 150. Students can opt to study course in Russian which takes 6.8 years to complete. The course fee in this case is US$2300 to US$2600.

Language Requirements

Students need to be proficient in English. Knowing Russian can prove beneficial as it helps the students in their everyday interaction with the natives. During internship, it helps the aspirants if they have knowledge of Russian. Students do not need to provide scores of TOEFL or IELTS.

Part Time Job

In Russia, the students are allowed to work for 15 hours in a week. During vacations, they can work full-time. A part time job helps the students to meet the living costs of staying overseas.

Career Scope

After a medical degree from Russia, the students can practice in India after clearing a screening test which is conducted by the Medical Council of India. As the degrees are recognized by WHO, the doctors can practice anywhere in the world. A myriad of opportunities open up for the doctors after they complete the master’s program.

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