Jobs In Russia

Steady Growth In Availability Of Jobs In Russia

Russia is going through major positive changes with regard to availability of job opportunities to the residents as well as foreign nationals. The continuous boom in the country’s various industries and service sectors has led the economy to develop substantially. The PMI or Purchasing Manager’s Index has shown the positive signs of the country’s expansion in the service sector. The scenario of jobs in Russia is at a developing stage. If you are a qualified professional, looking to shift to a new country, with an interesting global position, now is the time to move and create a mark. It is extremely easy to live in the country and enjoy doing what you love.

Trends in Employment

Russia is a growing economy and hence the country has an immediate requirement of thousands of qualified professionals with diverse specializations. According to the latest statistics, major political changes and reforms are aimed towards attracting expatriates to the country. As an employee, you enjoy more than double the salary rate, which you are currently earning in your own country. You also enjoy an attractive low Income Tax rate in Russia. There had been a 40 percentile increase in expats moving to Russia, in 2011. The country is among the top five countries in the world, for expat incomes.

Documents for Aapplication

Copies of valid legal registration certificates are mandatory if you are a professional like a doctor or an engineer. An applicant should fill in the application form with a copy of resume. The resume must state the highest educational qualification and experience. Procedure of application for jobs in Russia also requires the applicant to provide additional documents stating special skills, the job related educational diplomas, a color photograph, a copy of the expatriate’s valid passport and Russian visa. Medical examination of the prospective employee has to be done in a Russian State Clinic. You have to be healthy and free of leprosy, HIV, tuberculosis, Chlamydia, syphilis and genital chancres, to be eligible to apply. The Medical Certificates must be less than a period of 90 days.

Growing Sectors of Economy

Russia is showing a robust growth in various service sectors. PMI has shown a high level of consumption and employment. This automatically is facilitating massive job opportunities for international candidates. Jobs in Russia require adhering to some stringent guidelines, like all other countries. Major service-sector developments in investment banking, healthcare, tourism, telecommunications, technology, electronics, retail is in progress. Special mention has to be made if you are a medical practitioner or a medical student with MBBS, especially from Russia. The ample requirements of service, in the thriving healthcare vertical, are growing exponentially with every passing financial quarter. The steady annual growth rate is an indicator for urgent requirement of well-qualified medical practitioners in the country.

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