Education In Russia

In post-soviet Russia, higher education system has undergone a change. It has adopted a two-tier program where the courses are divided into bachelor’s and master’s program. This change took place after Russia joined the Bologna process in 2003. Private universities changed the scenario since their appearance in 1900s. Experts feel that Russian education system is one of the most advanced in the world. Ministry of education and science of Russian Federation is responsible for licensing and accreditation of higher education institutes. Higher education in the country is provided by both public and non-public institutions.

Visa Entry

In order to procure a student visa for medical education in Russia, you will need certain documents. A letter of acceptance for the entire course is mandatory. Students need to furnish a proof of accommodation. All education certificates and transcripts are very essential. The receipt, which was issued during payment of tuition fees, is necessary. A valid passport and evidence of funds are essential. On arrival to the Russian Federation, the visa should be registered and extended. A student’s visa can be easily extended for the time you need to complete your education. If you apply to the consulate for a student visa, you need to pay $50 – $100 as processing fee.

Living cost

Living expenses for international students studying in Russia have been estimated at US$550 to US$1000 which includes food, travel, accommodation, communication, travel expenses and clothing. Tuition fee will vary from one university to the other. Students can meet a part of their expenses by working part-time. They are allowed to work part-time during summer holidays. During the term, the students are allowed to work 15 hours a week. Although the fund is sufficient to meet the living cost, the students need to show that they are capable of funding all expenses during their stay in Russia.

Indian Food

Familiar food can be a great experience when you are staying in a foreign country. If fate has carried you to the Russian federation for higher studies, you can try the Indian restaurants which are located in Moscow to get the feel of home away from home. The Indian curries and delectable dishes can be a great way to relish a dish which is close to your heart. Most of the restaurants specialize in North Indian specialties. Some cafeterias are located close to the hostels which offer Indian food. The hostels are equipped with kitchens where students can prepare meals of their choice.

Banking Facilities

Most of the international students use Western Union Money Transfer to receive money which is transferred from home. Students can use their credit cards on ATMs easily. It is recommended that the students convert the currency into roubles at authorized banks. For big amounts, the banks ask about the source. If the money is carried from abroad a custom declaration, is required. It is recommended that you get the cash declared by customs at the airport. Students can pay the tuition fees through a bank.

Loan assistance

You can obtain loan assistance easily from the Indian banks that will assist you in funding expenses while you continue your studies in Russia. Before you apply for a loan you should estimate your expenditure, and decide the amount of loan that you will need.

How to apply

Before you start the application process, it is important to narrow down on a course and understand the requirements. The students need to submit a duly filled application form, scanned copies of a valid passport, education certificate and transcript. Both the documents need to be Apostilled. The aspirants need to submit Russian translation of the certificate and transcript which is certified by the Russian notary or the Russian consulate. After receiving the invitation letter from the university, you need to apply for a visa by visiting the Russian Consulate in India. Certain documents need to be submitted in order to obtain a visa. For a student visa, the aspirants need to submit a letter of acceptance of a full time course. Proof of accommodation and receipt of tuition fee needs to be submitted. All educational certificates and transcripts are essential. An evidence for funding the total course is mandatory.

Benefits of Russia

There are several reasons why you should study in Russia. The country offers a plethora of choices among institutions which offer higher education. Russian education is considered as one of the best in entire Europe. Russia has been ahead of certain countries in offering medical education. Studying in Russia is affordable. You do not have to clear TOEFL and IELTS in order to enroll in the Russian universities for a medical program. You can easily find accommodation in the campus and enjoy a comfortable stay with students who come to Russia from different parts of the world.

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