Moscow State University

The I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University is the oldest recorded national institute for higher education in the Federation of Russia. The institution has been leading medical education in the nation for over two and a half centuries. It was previously known as I.M. Sechenov First Moscow Institute of Medicine (till 1990) and was renamed to I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy for the next two decades till 2010. The institution today is one of the prime centres of medical training and certification of medical professionals in the country. It is leads the academic-methodological association of Russian medical institutions. The campus has around 20 study buildings, including lecture halls and classrooms, 17 diverse clinical facilities for treating over 3000 patients in a single clinical centre, a central library, laboratories, photo and video sections and a publishing centre. It also has hostel facilities and a botanical garden.

Medical Universities In Russia Fees For 1st Year Fees from 2th-6th Year

The following are the faculties of the university which comprises of 177 chairs.

  1. Medical Faculty
  2. Disease Prevention Faculty
  3. Pharmaceutical Faculty (Both Day and Evening)
  4. Foreign Students Faculty
  5. Foreign Undergrad Faculty
  6. Professional Training Faculty
  7. Pharmacy Upgradations Faculty
  8. Premedical studies Faculty
  9. Academic Learning Faculty

Following are the disciplines of study in the university.

  1. General Medicine in both Russian and English as medium of instruction
  2. Pharmacy in both Russian and French as medium of instruction
  3. Preventive Medicine
  4. Dentistry and Stomatology
  5. Nursing
  6. Research Faculties

The university has around 1500 students who are post graduates pursuing clinical or primary specializations. The faculty is around 2000 strong and includes doctors and research associates, 300 professors, and over a 1000 doctorates. The achievements of the scientists in the university have brought great pride all over the world.

The organisations that recognise the university are:

  1. International Association of University Programs for Health Management.
  2. World Organisation of National Colleges
  3. AIAHP (USA)
  4. EAMHC (Europe)
  5. World Academy of Medical Education
  6. World Health Organisation
  7. World Academy of Medical Education
  8. Medical Council of India

The reputation of this university has been acclaimed all over the world and it is performed brilliantly in accordance with UNESCO standards. An increasing number of foreign medical aspirants now flock to this University in order to obtain world class education at affordable tuition and living costs. The university is considered one of the best in the Eurasian continent.

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