Kursk State Medical University

The Kursk State Medical University is a government university established in 1935 and situated in Kursk, Russia. The university is listed with FAIMER, and World Health Organisation. The university has even ranked number one as the best Russian university for several years. It caters to the educational needs of over 30 worldwide countries whose students come to study medicine in the university.

  1. Faculty of General Medicine
  2. Faculty of Medico-prophylaxis
  3. Faculty of Pharmacy
  4. Faculty of Paediatrics
  5. Faculty of Higher Nursing
  6. Faculty of Pharmaceutics
  7. Faculty of Biotechnology
  8. Faculty of Clinical Psychology
  9. Deanery Faculty of Economics and Management of Health and Social Work
  10. Faculty of Foreign Students
  11. Deanery Faculty of Post Graduate Education
  12. Faculty of Excellencev
  13. Deanery Faculty of Dentistry
  14. Deanery Faculty of vocational Education

The university obtained its status as a university in 1994. It teaches multiple disciplines of medical science.

Medical Universities In Russia Fees For 1st Year Fees from 2th-6th Year

The university has several world class features such as:

  1. Faculty of General Medicine
  2. Faculty of Paediatrics
  3. Faculty of Nursing
  4. Faculty of Post Graduate Education
  5. Faculty of Pharmaceutics

The university has various available hostel facilities for foreign students. It also has a separate faculty dedicated to them to help them integrate themselves into the environment of the university and the Russian university as a whole. There are also various security measures like CCTV to keep students safe and sound.

  1. World class libraries
  2. Institute of EM Consultative
  3. Diagnostic Clinic
  4. Medical School
  5. Educational Buildings
  6. Dorms

Its 67 departments and over 600 teachers have trained around 25000 medical professionals over the years. The university is also recognised by the Medical Council of India, the USMLE, the PLAB, and medical screening bodies of all important foreign nations.

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