Irkutsk State-Medical University

Established in the year 1919, the Irkutsk State Medical University along with the Eastern Department, an institution for the learning of oriental and Indian languages, Physics, and Mathematics, became one of the flag bearers of the Russian education system.

The medical faculty of the university became autonomous in the following year. The university now has over 19 faculties and 18000 students studying under its guidance and leadership. It is considered an organisation and temple of excellence because of its research, observatories, laboratories, and training. Being one of the oldest universities in Russian Far East and Siberian region, the buildings and campuses of the region have great archaeological and historical significance. Most of what stands now as the Irkutsk State Medical University was built back in the 18th and 19th century.

The senior undergraduates can take part in research work and other specialisations and internships during later years under the university and different scientific research institutes in collaboration with the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The faculty of the university is extremely qualified to train its students and students can also do their independent research in the laboratory.

Medical Universities In Russia Fees For 1st Year Fees from 2th-6th Year

The medical section of the university has the following faculties:

  1. Faculty of General Medicine (6 years)
  2. Faculty of Paediatrics (6 years)
  3. Faculty of Preventive Medicine (6 years)
  4. Faculty of Dentistry (5 years)
  5. Faculty of Pharmacy (5 years)
  6. Faculty of Public Health, Law in Medicine, and Medical Biochemistry (4 years)
  7. Faculty of Preliminary Training (10 months)
  8. Faculty of Nursing

International students will have to appear for an interview in order to get through this prestigious university. The university also has various leisure and extra-curricular activities that will help students remain fit, have fun, and enjoy themselves during their stay at the university.

Here are some of the available extra-curricular activities at the Irkutsk State Medical University:

  1. Basketball
  2. Volleyball
  3. Tennis
  4. Football

There are internet services for hostel stayers. The university has Grade 4 accreditation given by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. It is also recognised by:

  1. World Health Organisation
  2. Medical Council of India
  3. International Medical Education Directory

And other prestigious medical organisations from all over the world.

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