Belgorod State Medical University

Also known as the National Research University “Belgorod State University”, it is one of the most reputed and oldest institutions of higher education in the Belgorod region.

The University’s Institute of Medicine is about 20 years old. The Institute was created in accordance with the orders of President Boris Yeltsin, after his Belgorod visit in 1996’s April.

In the July of 2013, BelSU’s Medical Institute was restructured as the Faculty of Medicine and was merged with the Dentistry and Pharmaceutical departments. It also comprises of the Institute of Post Graduate Medical education, the College of Medicine and other scientific departments.

The department has continuously reinvented itself through various new buildings, laboratories, curriculum, and research technologies. The faculty is experiencing a continuous rise in the number of students that apply every year. The faculty of the department is unparalleled Belgorod with senior and experienced lecturers, professors, and medical professionals guiding and teaching the students.

The medical department of BelSU today has become very advanced and is reaching out for new horizons in the field of medicine and public healthcare.

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The educational departments of the medical institute of BelSU are:

  1. The Faculty of Medical and Preventive Care
  2. Medical College
  3. Centre for Continuing Professional Medical and Pharmaceutical Education of medical and pharmaceutical personnel, accreditation, and certification

The research divisions of the medical faculty are:

  1. Interregional Centre of Dental Innovations
  2. Centre of Pre-clinical and Clinical studies
  3. Research and Education Centre (Pharmacy)
  4. Educational and Scientific Complex

The institute now teaches around 10000 students. With every passing year the university’s medical faculty graduates over 400 specialized doctors and 500 doctors. Every academic year sees around 6000 students learn new things and develop their skills and training in medicine. The university has 8 higher educational medical programs and 15 at the secondary level. The university also gives its students the opportunity of clinical specialisations and internships.

Out of its 24 departments, 16 of them are extremely innovative and revolutionary in the Belgorod region. The students are given practical medical training and education through 22 healthcare facilities and even pharmaceutical institutions. The institute has expanded itself in recent years and restructured and reorganised many of its previous departments while creating new ones according to modern needs and demands. Hospital surgery and Hospital Therapy are two new departments that have been established because of its essentiality.

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