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Home to some of the oldest medical universities of the world, MBBS in Russia is not just a popular but also a prestigious place to study MBBS abroad. Medical education here is cheap as compared to European countries. Students of MBBS in Russia are revered all over the globe as they come from respectable institutes. Some of the top MBBS colleges in Russia include Moscow State Medical University, Novosibirsk State University, Kazan State Medical University, Belgorod State Medical University, Smolensk State Medical University, Kazan Federal University, Bashkir State Medical University, Syktyvkar State University, Crimea Federal University, Tambov State University, Siberian State Medical University, Perm State Medical University, Omsk Medical Academy, Saratov State Medical University, N. Novgorod State Medical University, Tver State Medical Academy, Northern State Medical University, Kursk State Medical University, Orenburg State Medical University, Mari State Medical University, People’s Friendship University, Ryazan State Medical University and Volgograd State Medical University are best universities for studying MBBS in Russia.

Degrees granted by these universities are approved by MCI, WHO, UNESCO, IMED and other global bodies. Russian medical colleges have the entire latest infrastructure and fulfill all requirements to qualify as the leading medical colleges of the world. Their long history of having trained individuals from within the country and much beyond brings with it its advantages. The universities and their staffs which includes both teaching and non-teaching categories are well versed in handling international students. In fact, research has shown that students of MBBS in Russia have a higher chance of clearing MCI and other competitive examinations. They are also aware regarding the issues that these students might face and are able to address them with ease. MBBS in Russia has been common among Indian students since long and it continues to remain a strong desire among them.

Students who fare well in their medical course in Russia get scholarships and can pursue higher studies there or abroad in other countries without any glitches. The culture of Russia is also rich which ensures students never get bored during their free time or holidays. In fact, summer and winter holidays are long which means students can meet their family or explore the interesting places within Russia. Overall training in MBBS in Russia is of a superior standard as compared to many other nations the results of which are reaped by the students as they enter into their professional lives or go for higher studies.

MBBS in Russia includes 1 year of internship which means students get to learn the practical aspect of their subject. Accommodation and such other facilities are great in Russian medical colleges. Thus students don’t have anything to worry about their MBBS admission in Russia. The admission procedure is also simple and smooth and can be completed online. There are no admission tests or donation to worry about. Affordable education of a good quality is the chief driving factor for students rushing towards getting through MBBS colleges of Russia. Don’t waste time – apply now with our help.

57 Medical Universities, highly subsidised fee structure, an affordable living cost, the best Student-Teacher ratio of 7:1 in all medical colleges and simple eligibility criteria are a few of the reasons why thousands of bright Indian students visit Russia to study MBBS in Russia every year. More to that, direct admission in MBBS in Russian Universities without any front examination for clinical education especially MBBS in Russia is considered as another major reason behind the maximum enrolment of Indian students in medical colleges of Russia.

Apart from one-fourth tuition fee as compared to Indian medical colleges and economical living cost, there are some more reasons why Indian students prefer studying MBBS in Russia.

  1. No Entrance Exam for MBBS in Russia
  2. No Donation for mbbs in Russia
  3. No IELTS
  5. Effortless Procedure for MBBS Admission in Russia
  6. Low & Subsidised course fees in Russia
  7. Worldwide Degrees Recognition
  8. MCI Approved Medical Universities in Russia
  9. MBBS in Russia is Fully English Medium
  10. After MBBS in Russia Lot of options available
  11. High Living Standard & Availability of Indian Food
  12. MCI preparation after 4th year during MBBS in Russia
  13. USMLE / PLAB prepration during MBBS in Russia
  14. Practical training in government hospital
  15. No crime / No corruption
  16. Indian food available
  17. More than 5000 indian student
  18. Separate Hostel for boys and girls
  19. High MCI passing percentage
  20. student can work in Russian Govt. Hospitals after completion of MBBS in Russia

The world's largest country Russia, with its massive territory that occupies the east of Europe and the north of Asia is washed through the waters of twelve seas and three oceans. Russia has thousands of rivers and about 2 million lakes, among which are the Caspian Sea, the biggest lake in the world, and Baikal, the deepest freshwater lake in the world. Among eighty-three federal states, there are 2 cities of federal significance - Moscow, the capital of Russia with more than 11 million inhabitants, and St. Petersburg, the second largest town in Russia also called ‘The Northern Capital’ with a populace of around five million citizenries. The most renowned and convenient transportations in the country are air and railway transports. This massive land spanning from west to east is cleaved into 11 time zones that signify, if there is a sunset on the European side of the country then the far east part of Russia witness a sunrise. Out of innumerable tourist attractions, Moscow Kremlin, Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace are some of the eminent sights people around the world visit Russia for. Once you are in Russia for a prolonged time span, you’ll have a lot more to witness and admire in Russia.

The Russian Universities wielding the aid provided by the Russian government has raised the sponsorship for international students by 50% lately. Eventually, the average yearly costs for study, accommodation, insurance and meals in Russia have become inexpensive for any international student. This is exactly why higher education in Russia is exceptionally affordable for Indian students. Due to the conditions furnished by means of the Russian authorities, lots of students from India now have the possibility to get qualified in top Russian universities at nominal expenses with more than 500 medical, engineering, technical specialities and humanities.

The Russian Medical universities proffer impeccable services to enrol Indian students through an uncomplicated and trouble-free admission procedure. Besides, students tend to save an adequate amount of money while pursuing the MBBS courses in Russia because of low tuition fee and minimal living cost.
If you have just completed your secondary education in India and planning to study MBBS in Russia, you must have passed in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology & English individually and must have obtained a minimum average of 50% marks in accumulation. For Postgraduate courses, you should have obtained a Bachelor's degree from a recognised University and the Russian medical college will scrutinise your previous academic performance to offer you a seat.

Admissions are ordinarily on First-come, first served basis for MBBS in Russia. Russian Medical Universities do not ask Indian students to pass any front assessments like the GRE, TOEFL, and CET etc for getting admitted in Russian medical colleges. You can simply apply to your preferred medical college in Russia exercising following steps. mbbs admission in russia process Speak to our education advisor by calling on 9212-101-597 or 9266-622-503 to get free counselling on study abroad options. From application procedures to travel arrangements and accommodation, our study abroad specialists will bolster you to accomplish your dream of pursuing MBBS in Russia to attain global education.

The Russian government is proffering one-of-a-kind opportunity to Indian students who want to study medicine in Russia. On the ‘Russia Day’, Russia universities have officially declared quotas for Scholarships and admission process. Indian students who are willing to pursue MBBS in Russia are eligible to avail scholarships to study MBBS. To be eligible for these Scholarships, applying candidates should have an aggregate of 50% and above in grade 12 in general category. However, the aggregate for the students in reserved category is 40% required in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The admission and eligibility are in accordance with the Medical Council of India for all medical courses.

Speak to our proficient counsellors to perceive scholarship opportunities for MBBS in Russia and let them pay for your future!

An overseas scholar who desires to study in Russia requires a Russian student visa to accomplish the goal. The student ought to first reserve a seat at a Russian medical college in order to apply for a Russian student visa. The Russia student visa is issued as a single access visa that can be extended according to the duration of the course. Students can also convert it into a multiple-entry visa after spending 3 months in Russia.

Beware! There are several crucial steps involved while filling a visa application and during documentations. A small mistake can thrash your chances of studying in Russia. Accomplished Visa experts and ex-visa officials at Eklavya Overseas provide exemplary Visa services to Indian students like free visa counselling, documentation check, financial check, application submission etc. to get the MBBS in Russia Student Visa approved with absolute success.

mbbs russia
  1. MBBS in Belarussian State Medical University
  2. MBBS in Kazakh-Russian Medical University
  3. MBBS in Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University
  4. MBBS in Ryazan State Medical University
  5. MBBS in Altai State Medical University
  6. MBBS in Amur State Medical Academy
  7. MBBS in Astrakhan State Medical Academy of Federal Agency of Health Care and Social Development
  8. MBBS in Astrakhan State Medical University
  9. MBBS in Bashkir State Medical University
  10. MBBS in Bashkirian State Medical University
  11. MBBS in Buryat State University
  12. MBBS in Chita State Medical Academy
  13. MBBS in Crimean Federal University
  14. MBBS in Dagestan State Medical University
  15. MBBS in Far Eastern Federal University
  16. MBBS in Far Eastern State Medical University
  17. MBBS in I. M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University
  18. MBBS in I. M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy
  19. MBBS in Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University
  20. MBBS in Ingush State University
  21. MBBS in Irkutsk State Medical University
  22. MBBS in Ivanovo State Medical Academy
  23. MBBS in Izhevsk State Medical Academy
  24. MBBS in Kabardino-Balkarian State University
  25. MBBS in Kaluga State University
  26. MBBS in Kazan Federal University
  27. MBBS in Kazan State Medical University
  28. MBBS in Kemerovo State Medical Academy
  29. MBBS in Khakassia State University named after N.F. Katanov
  30. MBBS in Kirov State Medical Academy
  31. MBBS in Kislovodsk Medical College
  32. MBBS in Krasnoyarsk State Medical University
  33. MBBS in Kuban State Medical University
  34. MBBS in Kursk State Medical University
  35. MBBS in Maikop State Technological University
  36. MBBS in Mari State University
  37. MBBS in Mordovia N.P.Ogerev State University
  38. MBBS in Moscow State Medical and Dental University
  39. MBBS in Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry
  40. MBBS in National Medical University
  41. MBBS in National Research Nuclear University "MIFI"
  42. MBBS in Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy
  43. MBBS in North Ossetian State Medical Academy
  44. MBBS in North Ossetian State University named after Costa Levanovich Khetagurov
  45. MBBS in North Western State Medical University
  46. MBBS in North-Caucasian Federal University
  47. MBBS in North-Caucasian State Humanitarian and Technological Academy, Cherkessk
  48. MBBS in North-Eastern Federal University named after MK Ammosov
  49. MBBS in Northern State Medical University
  50. MBBS in Novosibirsk State Medical University
  51. MBBS in Omsk State Medical University
  52. MBBS in Orel State University
  53. MBBS in Orenburg State Medical University
  54. MBBS in Pacific State Medical University
  55. MBBS in Penza Basic Medical College
  56. MBBS in Penza State University
  57. MBBS in Peoples’s Friendship University of Russia
  58. MBBS in Perm State Medical University
  59. MBBS in Perm State Pharmaceutical Academy
  60. MBBS in Petrozavodsk State University
  61. MBBS in Pskov State University
  62. MBBS in Rostov State Medical University
  63. MBBS in Russian National Research Medical University
  64. MBBS in Russian Peoples Friendship University
  65. MBBS in Russian State Medical University,Moscow
  66. MBBS in Russian State Social University
  67. MBBS in Ryazan State I P Pavlov Medical University
  68. MBBS in Saint Petersburg State Medical Academy
  69. MBBS in Saint Petersburg State Medical University
  70. MBBS in Saint-Petersburg Pavlov State Medical University
  71. MBBS in Samara State Medical University
  72. MBBS in Saratov State Medical University
  73. MBBS in Saratovskiy State Medical University
  74. MBBS in Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy
  75. MBBS in Siberian State Medical University
  76. MBBS in Smolensk State Medical University
  77. MBBS in South Ural State Medical University
  78. MBBS in St. Petersburg State Chemical-pharmaceutical Academy
  79. MBBS in St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical Academy
  80. MBBS in St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University
  81. MBBS in Stavropol State Medical University
  82. MBBS in Syktyvkar State University named after P Sorokin
  83. MBBS in Tambov State University
  84. MBBS in The Belgorod State University
  85. MBBS in The Chechen State University
  86. MBBS in The Chuvash State University named after I.N. Ulyanov
  87. MBBS in The First Moscow State Medical University
  88. MBBS in The First St. Petersburg State Medical University
  89. MBBS in Tombosky State University named after G.R. Derzhavin
  90. MBBS in Tula State University
  91. MBBS in Tver State Medical University
  92. MBBS in Tyumen State Medical University
  93. MBBS in Ulyanovsk College of Pharmacy
  94. MBBS in Ulyanovsk State University
  95. MBBS in Ural State Medical University
  96. MBBS in Volgograd Medical Academy
  97. MBBS in Volgograd State Medical University
  98. MBBS in Voronezh State Medical University
  99. MBBS in Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University
  100. MBBS in Yaroslavl State Medical Academy
  101. MBBS in Yaroslavl State Medical Academy YSMA
  102. MBBS in Yaroslavl State Medical University

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Because of the massive fluctuation within the airfares as a result of the invasive competition between aircraft carriers within the international market nowadays, flying in an appropriate airline is a point that can’t be bypassed. Due to high variations in the airfare, choosing the right airline to visit Russia saves a whole lot of your travel money when going to study MBBS in Russia. Even the use of the convenient and affordable city travel in the host country will lower down your living expenses. This adds to more financial savings when investing in global education. Travel advisors at Eklavya Overseas dispense you with comprehensive travel statistics, free travel guidance and assistance in travel booking to accomplish your study abroad mission.

Avoid the use of the airport taxis as they’re high priced, and Moscow’s jams are legendary. Use the convenient airport express trains offering run from all of Moscow’s airports.

Once accommodated in the city, take the metro to get around. Both in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the subways are the most agreeable and less expensive mode of transportation. Just avoid using metro services at peak hours which are between (8 am-10 am and 5 pm-7 pm). Bus services are also another convenient mode of transport in Russia. Speak to our in-house travel experts to receive free travel advice.

The most standard accommodations alternatives for an Indian student in Russia are the university dormitory, an apartment on rent or a host family. It is very critical to locate the most appropriate option within your budget. Consider all advantages and disadvantages earlier than committing yourself to an option. The preference of the vicinity where you may stay defines your academic success. Expert counsellors at Eklavya Overseas suggest the variety of accommodation options to choose from heeding some important things like distance from the college, calmness of the locality, accessibility of the place and many others. So, not just the accommodation, choose your study abroad consultant wisely! Accommodation mbbs in russia

Since Russia covers such a giant area, student’s lifestyles in Russia with more than 150 exciting ethnic groups provides you with a notable cultural variety. Student existence in Russia is very attractive, especially renowned cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg. They supply college students with plenty of recreational centres at any value and time. There are countless options for pastime, such as parks, sports activities clubs, museums, and plenty more. Since there are numerous courses taught in English, Russian language is usually no longer a hurdle for global college students who want to study MBBS in Russia. At the same time, learning the Russian language is pretty smooth. People who have studied Russian of their student life, before or after coming to Russia, might be able to adapt to the Russian way of life more without problems. This might help them to settle there in no time.

A variety of festivals for students is held in Russia, including theatre, music, sports, ethnic, and linguistic carnivals. The Club of the Jolly and the Quick-Witted (KVN) is wherein college students from special departments compete in humorous acts and carry out funny sketches. During the days of National Cultures, College foreign students apprise other college students about their home country, its lifestyle, traditions, and countrywide cuisine. Debating societies welcome those who like to debate on social and political subjects. Alongside, universities have trekking and tour clubs, which arrange joint trips, walks and trekking tours. Everyone is welcome to join the network.

Medical studies in Russia is normally taken into consideration to be one of the most qualitative and fundamental globally. Much attention is paid each to basic theoretical information of college students and large realistic abilities. It allows college students to discover a nicely-paid job and begin mountain climbing the profession ladder right after the graduation. Students of Russian Universities are compulsory to visit all of the lectures due to the fact most effective understanding acquired at some stage in the medical studies allows the students to grow in their careers.

Thus, it might be feasible to work while studying MBBS in Russia after the classes or on vacations or weekends. However, in the primary two years, we would not suggest working along with studies. Initially, you want to get acquainted with the new environment and examine the Russian language.

mbbs admission russia

Q.1 What is Migration Card?

The migration card is the document, which testifies that the scholar has crossed the border of the Russian Federation. It is a compulsory file for the further processing of the pupil registration and therefore is a vital file. Without the migration card, the registration on the territory of Russian Federation can't be carried out and the pupil would be deported back to the home united states.

Q.2 What is Visa Registration?

Registration offers foreign students a right to live in the territory of the Russian Federation for the registration period. Usually, the period of registration is twelve months. Registration has to be renewed yearly 2-3 weeks earlier than its termination.

Q.3 What is the luggage permissible limit?

Airlines allow holding 20-25 kgs of bags without any extra luggage charge. Overweight bags have to be paid on per Kg basis which might be expensive.

Q.4 What would be my monthly expenses while studying MBBS in Russia?

Usually, living in Russia is not expensive and you get the value for your money. You’ll need about 500 USD for the initial three months of staying in Russia. That is due to the fact the student could need to pay the registration prices, purchase gadgets of necessity and so forth. Subsequently, the common month charges for meals are about US$ 150. After first 3 months, staying in Russia is cheaper.

Q.5 When do I need to leave if I receive an exit Visa?

International students who receive an exit visa are obliged to leave Russia within 15 days after the receiving the visa. In the case of a delayed departure, strict measures — penal sanctions, arrest and the deportation shall be carried out.

Russia is a very well known medical education destination globally, which currently enjoys a great reputation in study abroad market in India. Approved Medical Universities in Russia own a great prestige for its medical institutes where excellent education is delivered but at an affordable cost. These universities are approved by leading international organizations such as UNESCO, WHO and the like. The scope for clinical practice is also wide for MBBS in Russia, thanks to the range of updated facilities available. The admission process for MBBS in Russia is also very easy and there is no entrance test for these universities.

MBBS Fees in Russia

Other Expenses for 1st year only:
Administrative, Admission and Registration Fees: 1500 US$ (only for first year)
Food & other Expences Monthly: 150-200 US$

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Moscow State Medical University, MBBS in Russia

Moscow State Medical University, Russia

The I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University is the oldest recorded national institute for higher education in the Federation of Russia. The institution has been leading medical education in the nation for over two and a half centuries. It was previously known as I.M. Sechenov First Moscow Institute of Medicine (till 1990) and was renamed to I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy for the...
Click here to Know About Moscow State Medical University, Russia

Novosibirsk State University , MBBS in Russia

Novosibirsk State University, Russia

Even with its relatively new foundation, the Novosibirsk State University is revered as one of Russia’s finest University all over the world. As of 2016, the University has been named one of the top 3 universities of the country. Located in the Novosibirsk suburb of Central Russia, it is one of the major industrial units and cultural centres in Siberia...
Click here to Know About Novosibirsk State University, Russia

Kazan State Medical University, MBBS in Russia

Kazan State Medical University, Russia

The federal university has 9 faculties and is primarily based in Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia. It is a multilevel and multifunctional university that teaches higher medicine. It aims at the development of biomedical sciences, scientific understanding of modern medicine, and the social and personal implications of the study of medicine. The university is autonomous in nature and is a part of the Higher Education and Scientific...
Click here to Know About Kazan State Medical University, Russia

Irkutsk State Medical University, MBBS in Russia

Irkutsk State Medical University, Russia

Established in the year 1919, the Irkutsk State Medical University along with the Eastern Department, an institution for the learning of oriental and Indian languages, Physics, and Mathematics, became one of the flag bearers of the Russian education system. The medical faculty of the university became autonomous in the following year. The university now has over 19 faculties and 18000 students studying under its guidance...
Click here to Know About Irkutsk State Medical University, Russia

Belgorod State Medical University, MBBS in Russia

Belgorod State Medical University, Russia

Also known as the National Research University “Belgorod State University”, it is one of the most reputed and oldest institutions of higher education in the Belgorod region. The University’s Institute of Medicine is about 20 years old. The Institute was created in accordance with the orders of President Boris Yeltsin, after his Belgorod visit in 1996’s April. In the July of 2013, BelSU’s Medical Institute was restructured...
Click here to Know About Belgorod State Medical University, Russia

Smolensk State Medical University, MBBS in Russia

Smolensk State Medical University, Russia

Founded in the year 1920, the Smolensk State Medical University is a public medical college in the Russian Federation’s Smolensk district. The university is well revered all over the world including the World Health Organisation, the United Kingdom, the United States, and India. The university has obtained the 22nd position in the International rating of universities. Headed by Professor I.V. Otvagin as Chancellor...
Click here to Know About Smolensk State Medical University, Russia

Kazan Federal University, MBBS in Russia

Kazan Federal University, Russia

The Kazan Federal University is located in the Volga region of Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. It was established in the year 1804, as the Kazan Imperial University, and is the second oldest university in all of Russia. The university was renamed in the year 1925, as an honour to its most revered student, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, known to the world as Lenin...
Click here to Know About Kazan Federal University, Russia

Bashkir State Medical University, MBBS in Russia

Bashkir State Medical University, Russia

Ranked among the top 10 Russian medical universities, Bashkir State Medical University is one of the oldest medical universities in Russia. The university is located in Ufa, Russia. Ufa is a large metropolitan city in Russia. The university has been teaching students since the 1930’s. It has been sanctioned by the Russian Government to enrol and train students from foreign nations. The university is one of the centres...
Click here to Know About Bashkir State Medical University, Russia

Syktyvkar State University, MBBS in Russia

Syktyvkar State University, Russia

The Syktyvkar State University was established in 1971 by the decisions of the Soviet Council of Ministers. The medical institute of the university was established fairly recently in the July of 2014. The university is recognised by the following organisations:
Click here to Know About Syktyvkar State University, Russia

Crimea Federal University, MBBS in Russia

Crimea Federal University, Russia

One of the top Russian universities known all over the world, the Crimea Federal University established as a separate accredited federal university in the year of 1998. Before this period the institution stood as an autonomous institution of medicine. The university has 54 departments and 6 major faculties. The major faculties of the university...
Click here to Know About Crimea Federal University, Russia

Tambov State University, MBBS in Russia

Tambov State University, Russia

Established in the early 19th century in Tambov City, the Tambov State University’s medical faculty is one of the best in Russia. It has been licensed by the Ministry of Education and Sciences, Russian Federation, as an institute to impart higher education to medical student aspirants. The university revels in the pillars of scientific research, understanding, and practising ethical medical science in order to serve the society...
Click here to Know About Tambov State University, Russia

Siberian State Medical University, MBBS in Russia

Siberian State Medical University, Russia

Located in the Tomsk city of Russia, the Siberian State Medical University was initially known as the Tomsk Medical Institute. Established in the year 1878, with its medical faculty starting on 1888, the department of medicine from the Imperial Tomsk University is one of the oldest in Russia. It is considered the oldest in the Eastern region of the Ural Mountains.
Click here to Know About Siberian State Medical University, Russia

Perm State Medical University, MBBS in Russia

Perm State Medical University, Russia

The Perm State University is a popular educational institution in Russia. It was named after E.A. Wagner who was known to be brilliant academician. The university’s medical faculty is over 550 strong and all the teachers are extremely qualified to teach medical aspirants the details of modern medicine with clear understanding. Many of the members of the faculty are indeed laureates of various international...
Click here to Know About Perm State Medical University, Russia

Omsk Medical Academy, MBBS in Russia

Omsk Medical Academy, Russia

Located in Omsk, this school of medicine was established as the medical wing of the Siberia Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Zoology and later changed into the West-Siberian State Medical Institute in the year 1921. It was later renamed as Omsk Medical Institution in 1925 and then into Omsk State Medical Academy in 1994. The academy has 5 faculties where every year more than 4500 students study...
Click here to Know About Omsk Medical Academy, Russia

Saratov State Medical University, MBBS in Russia

Saratov State Medical University, Russia

Founded in 1909, it is one of the older universities in Russia. The university was organised with a medical faculty only, and was the 10th medical faculty in the country at that time. The Founder of the Saratov State Medical University is revered and popular surgeon and its first Rector, Dr Vassily Razumovsky. He is also considered the founder of neurosurgery in the country. The first year saw only a little more than 90 students...
Click here to Know About Saratov State Medical University, Russia

N. Novgorod State Medical University, MBBS in Russia

N. Novgorod State Medical University, Russia

Located in Nizhny Novgorod, the university is one of the most popular medical universities in the Russian Federation for foreign medical aspirants. The current Rector of the university since 2014 is Shakhov Boris Yevgenevich, an honoured worker of Science in the Russian federation. It is awarded the 7th rank out of the 46 medical universities in Russia and is recognised by the following organisations...
Click here to Know About N. Novgorod State Medical University, Russia

Tver State Medical Academy, MBBS in Russia

Tver State Medical Academy, Russia

One of the largest research, education, and scientific centre in Russia, the Tver State Medical University is located in Russia’s Tver region. It is one of the oldest institutions of the country. The institution opened its gates in 1902, when dentistry courses were arranged. The Leningrad Dental Institute was founded in 1936. This institute was transferred to Tver by the orders of the Soviet government in 1954 from...
Click here to Know About Tver State Medical Academy, Russia

Northern State Medical University, MBBS in Russia

Northern State Medical University, Russia

Situated in Arkhangelsk, the Northern State Medical University was established in the year 1936 in Russia. It is one of premiere medical institutions in Northern Russia and is recognised by reputed international bodies such as...
Click here to Know About Northern State Medical University, Russia

Kursk State Medical University, MBBS in Russia

Kursk State Medical University, Russia

The Kursk State Medical University is a government university established in 1935 and situated in Kursk, Russia. The university is listed with FAIMER, and World Health Organisation. The university has even ranked number one as the best Russian university for several years. It caters to the educational needs of over 30 worldwide countries whose students come to study medicine in the university...
Click here to Know About Kursk State Medical University, Russia

Orenburg State Medical University, MBBS in Russia

Orenburg State Medical University, Russia

The Orenburg State Medical University was founded in the year 1944. The institution now has over 550 staffs working in its research and educational wings. The university also boasts of over 93 doctors of medicine and almost 300 medicine associates.
Click here to Know About Orenburg State Medical University, Russia

Mari State Medical University, MBBS in Russia

Mari State Medical University, Russia

The university was established in the year 1972, in Russia’s Yoshkar Ola. It is a public non-profit university and is recognised by Russia’s Education Ministry. The university has gained much popularity in Russia and all over the world. It has become a scientific landmark in terms of research, education, and practise. The university also has several tie-ups with various universities abroad that make it one of the most...
Click here to Know About Mari State Medical University, Russia

Peoples’ Friendship University, MBBS in Russia

Peoples’ Friendship University, Russia

Also revered as the RUDN University, the Peoples’ Friendship University in Russia was founded in 1960 and is situated in Moscow, the capital of the Russian Federation. The university was established during the peak of the Cold War in order to help the Soviets increase their area of influence by helping developing nations in many ways. The university was initially named Patrice Lumumba University in the honour...
Click here to Know About Peoples’ Friendship University, Russia

Ryazan State Medical University, MBBS in Russia

Ryazan State Medical University, Russia

The Ryazan State Medical University was founded in 1950. Named in the honour of Russian Nobel Laureate I.P. Pavlov, it is one of Russia’s top medical universities. The university has tie-ups with the Medical University of Arizona, the American Pharmaceutical Convention, and other reputed medical bodies all over the world, including revered universities in different countries. It serves the educational needs of 5000 Russian...
Click here to Know About Ryazan State Medical University, Russia

Volgograd State Medical University, MBBS in Russia

Volgograd State Medical University, Russia

Situated on the West bank of the river Volga, in the city of Volgograd in Southern Russia, this university was earlier known as the Stalingrad Medical Institute and was established in the year 1935. Headed by reputed Russian scientist and Academician Vladimir Petrov, the university is accredited by...
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Russia is among one of the most powerful countries of the world and is an abode to world’s leading medical universities. Country’s government spends a lot in medical research and development and this is reason why Russia has become a global hub for Medical Education. The Medical Studies in Russia operates under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation. World’s leading health organization - WHO has prepared a list of top medical universities under a directory of Medical Institutes and many of the Russian Medical Universities are listed in the directory. Russian Federation has become one of the favorite study abroad destinations for Indian Students, especially for MBBS in Russia. It provides a great exposure to the student as they study with students of different origins. World Class Teachers, excellent infrastructure, wonderful teaching with a practical approach and highly advanced and equipped modern labs, etc are some hottest selling point of this Medical Education Destination in India / Asia Region.

  • World class education system and modern faculties of treatments
  • Medical Degree from Russia is recognized by MCI, IMED, UNESCO & WHO
  • No need to take entrance exams or pay heavy donations for admissions
  • Scholarship Facility to students who are bright and deserving
  • Easy to follow procedures and quick admission process
  • Low cost of living but standard of living is at international level
  • A student can manage his livelihood in around 100 to 200 USD per month
  • Medical Insurance is mandatory before you leave India
  • Long summer and winter vacations, you can go and meet family
  • High level of student engagement and participation
  • Medical Tourism in Russia is very much popular
  • Lots of social, cultural activities, meetings and conferences happen
  • Russia is a heaven for those who love to travel and explore cultures

Eklvaya Overseas is one of the leading Consultants for MBBS in Russia and we provide these below mentioned services.

  • Filling and submissions of application form
  • Receiving the invitation letter on student’s behalf
  • Meeting with Embassy of Russian Federation
  • Tickets arrangement from Delhi to Moscow
  • Providing help to the students to settle down in Russia
  • Arrangement of accommodation around Indian Community
  • Arrangement of complete Indian food there

  • Russian Federation offers a great deal to students with value for money (affordable) medical education, which is globally renowned. China, Ukraine and Philippines are not that great in comparison
  • Russian Medical Universities are globally known for their medical excellence and many of them are at WHO Directory List . Other three countries are not that strong on these points.
  • Highly experienced and English spoken teachers available in Russian Federation where as the other countries do not have that much talent
  • The medical batches in Russian Federation is very small for effective learning and engagement
  • Medical Universities of China provide medical insurance which is mandatory for every international students where as in other 3 nations, there is no such mandate
  • Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation directly governs the medical education in Russia where as in other countries these regulations not there.
  • Better Passing Percentage in MCI Screening Test / FMGE ( Foreign Medical Graduate Examination )

There are few very simple steps which will guided by us, can help you to apply for medical education in Russia

  • Fill your application form / or get it filed by us online
  • Submit the copies of your passport, and other necessary certificates
  • After application, admission letter comes from the university
  • Once your admission is confirmed, immigration procedure starts from Russia
  • Students has to visit the Russian Embassy after receiving the invitation letter
  • Some important documents to check before applying for visa
  1. A Valid Passport
  2. Completely filled VISA Application forms
  3. Two passport size photographs
  4. Copy your admission letter / invitation letter
  5. Copy of admission letter from university or college
  6. Medical certificate of fitness

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