Pre Departure Support

The crux and content of our Pre departure support

Elementary education is a necessity, but higher education is the stepping stone to success, individual growth and development. It is a blessing, as well. That’s because not everyone has means and access to higher education. So, if you are one of the luckier ones, it is mandatory that you make the best use of your ability, energy and resources. We at Eklavya Overseas are there to see you through, in order that you can realize your dreams for overseas education

We help shape your perspective

You may have always dreamt of hitting an overseas shore for the purpose of furthering your horizon of knowledge. Education and career building has taken on a globalized perspective. In order to walk that extra mile, and etch your mark of difference, what you need is skill, specialization and knowledge. This is precisely where overseas education chips in with its exemplary role, helping you develop the cutting edge. But before taking the necessary plunge, you need to build your perspective. The proposition calls for planning, support and guidance.

Deals and details of financial support

Supportive backup of training and guidance is mandatory, and you must take the help of backup support of pre departure guidance. First and foremost, you may be in need for financial help. In this context, it is worth noting, that you can bank on our financial packages, the ones extended as loans. Do log online to scroll through our site at In that way, you will gather information about different packages of loan. The site also provides an in-depth estimation of course fees, and other relevant payment structure. For the successful completion of your higher learning in a foreign country, it is necessary that you get a thorough insight into the deals and details of relevant expenses and we, at Eklavya offer you with the same.

Different programs on mentoring and guiding

Students are likely to display variations in their perspective and orientation. But no matter what your perspective is, you would obviously be keen on gathering information about the course guidelines, and procedural modalities of admission. It is obvious that admission modalities and eligibility criterion will vary from course to course. Respective universities and facilities of learning will be governed by their unique layout of parameters. We are in touch with different resources and facilities of overseas learning. Hence, we are there to channelize information regarding admission procedure, eligibility criterions, modes of selection and fees structure.

There are mentoring programs to bank on. We seek to orient, support and guide promising learners, so that they are prepared mentally, financially as well as intellectually. Preparedness is one of the vital facets of success. Valuable tips and insights are provided by us regarding means and techniques of preparation. Tips, insights and nuances of preparation are offered in the course of counseling sessions. Assistance regarding the details of visa processing is also handed over to the aspiring students. As a matter of fact, every relevant aspect of your pre- departure planning is handled methodically and meticulously. Eklavya Overseas makes sure that your pre-departure planning is objectified. Making things easy and convenient, so that you can accomplish your purpose is one of our guiding motivations.

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