Pre Departure Guidance

In a bid to assist you overcome overseas difficulties, we, at Eklavya Overseas, make available for your benefit pre-departure program. The reason as to why we make available the benefit of the same is that it is one of the most important sessions that relate along with the whole process of admission. The appropriate input which we at Eklavya Overseas, will offer you prior to departure, will let you know details pertaining to travelling, migrating and settling abroad.

Learn Different Facets

Also, by means of attending the pre-departure guidance, you will be able to learn about the multiple facets dealing with the life of a student. We, Eklavya Overseas, will make available for your advantage Pre-departure guidance, in order to let you know detailed facts and information concerning the city you are interested in proceeding ahead to realize your educational pursuits. You can also expect to know further details pertaining to the laws of the country.

Know Many Clauses

Staying informed about all the clauses that fall under violation of law prove to be of real advantage in helping you stay prepared for abroad studies. Our pre-departure program will also help you in learning further facts and details regarding the climate of the country. Hence, by attending our guidance program, you will be able to understand to stay prepared for rain-gear and warm-clothing. Our team of professional experts will ensure that you are able to stay informed about the etiquette and culture of respective countries to which you are applying to. This will prove to be of real advantage so as to be able to avoid future unnecessary situations.

Preserve Important Documents

The pre-guidance programs that our team of experts will offer you with will let you know the importance of keeping important documents in various places. Our team of professionals will play an influential role so as to help you know the importance of preserving important documents in your original baggage. You will get to understand that it is never a safe option to carry someone else items as there remains every possibility that something illegal might be contained in the same. If you are punctual in attending our guidance programs, you will be able to gain more confidence towards setting off to a whole new country. You can also benefit from free interactive session with students enrolled in the same universities/colleges.

As our umbrella of services is not limited to admissions and counseling services, you certainly can benefit from the pre-departure guidance services that we make available for your advantage. You will be encouraged to learn that we also cater to the requirements of all students pertaining to support services. We, Eklavya Overseas, will lend assistance relating to many other aspects including- accommodation facilities, travellers cheque and airline ticketing facility, as well. Our team of professional guidance experts will offer you with a brief description regarding the different restaurants, culture and life of the people of the country you are planning to visit to study. Lastly, we will also not hesitate in offering you with mobile connection services available in the respective countries.

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