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Poland’s economy is growing at a rapid rate. The GDP rate for Poland in the past few years on an average has been nearly 5 percent. In the past few years, unemployment level has sharply declined. In the year, the unemployment



I was hunting for a good overseas university to complete my masters in management and found that Poland has several highly ranked universities and a wide range of management courses at a masters level. Indeed, I faced a lot


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Poland is one of the few nations in the European Union to have maintained a consistent growth rate of GDP despite the global economic downturn that has arrested the GDP growth of several countries.



Students from EU or EEA are not required to apply for a Polish visa. However, once they arrive in Poland, they are required to apply for temporary residence sanction if their stay in Poland will be more than 90 days.


Poland falls under the Bologna agreement and follows the associated schemes. Most of its tertiary level programmes consist of two cycles which are – a three year bachelor degree and a two year master degree. However, in some courses such as medicine or pharmacy, the master degrees are offered only after completion of a long programme which lasts around 4 to 6 years. Doctoral programmes last for about 3 years. Those interested in getting a diploma in school teaching need to complete a course which is 3 years long. Almost all major vocational training courses last about two and a half years and are looked after by the post-secondary school.

Poland has all the features which make for a great place to study. Geographically situated between Europe and Russia, it acts as the perfect place to start one’s journey towards Europe. Universities of Poland offer various courses to international students and hence never fail to attract them every year. Those keen on pursuing their research and higher studies in Europe, can very well start with Poland since its educational standards are at par with any other country of the continent.

Polish universities are constantly upgrading themselves to suit the demands and needs of the day. The degrees offered by them are recognized in the European Union (EU) as well as in other countries such as the USA, Australia and Canada. A solid base in a Polish university gives you a strong base for studying in any university elsewhere in the world.

  • Cost of living is low in Poland as compared other European countries. An amount of 200-250 USD is enough to cover accommodation charges, food and travel expenses.
  • Tuition fee in Polish universities is also low as compared to that of other places in the EU. Yearly tuition fees are around 1000 USD- 4000 USD. Course such as medicine and engineering fall under the more expensive category where yearly tuition fees are around 4000 USD. Hotel management course fees might go above 5000 USD which is however balanced out by the salary which the students earn during their internships.
  • Poland offers easier access to other European countries such as Germany. Germany offers handsome job opportunities in various sectors and thus many pass outs from Polish universities apply to German companies for work. The culture and environment in the two countries is similar and thus students will not find it difficult to adjust. Poland acts as the entry point of Germany and other European countries since it is also easy to get visa for these places from Poland.
  • Opportunities for entertainment and relaxation are ample in Poland. There are great cinema theatres, museums, gyms and swimming pools, clubs and pubs. The entry fee to these places is not always high either. There are discounts for students in most places too.
  • Polish universities have tie ups with many noted universities and organisations in different parts of the world thus allowing students the opportunity to explore internship facilities at such places. Polish universities have their partners in countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Switzerland and Greece. These opportunities are great for the development of students and also allow them to earn some cash to cover their cost of living.

The admission procedure and requirements differ from one course to another. However, some basic requirements and processes which are common for all courses are as follows:

  • After online registration, students have to wait for the acceptance letter
  • Documents such as high school certificate or bachelor degree certificates (for applicants to master’s courses), language skill proving certificate (level B1/B2), valid passport as well as admission and tuition fee need to be submitted On completion of the admission process, students need to apply for visa

Students need to remember that the particular university they are applying to might have specific admission requirements and these must be carefully noted.

  • Getting admission letter from the university
  • Payment of Visa fees to the Embassy
  • Arranging air ticket from Delhi to Warsaw
  • Arranging for road transportation from Beijing airport to the university
  • Providing Indian meal on arrival and providing students the opportunity to connect to their parents through phone
  • Arranging for accommodation

The educational system of Poland offers high-quality and comprehensive educational services. This is truly evident from the growing number of Polish professionals who have find high-ranking jobs with various multi-nationals in different parts of the world. Polish professionals are known to be highly creative, perfectly educated and effective. We are even pleased to inform that studying in Poland is far less expensive as compared to studying in any country in Europe and the cost of living in Poland is quite low as well.Poland offers a wonderful atmosphere to study and students from different parts of the world flock to this country to complete their studies. The university education system in Poland has existed for more than 650 years and continues to educate talented professionals. The university education system of Poland has not only benefitted the Polish economy but also several other countries in the world. Today, universities in Poland have retained the rich traditions and values of their predecessor. Today, we are seeing a spurt in the number of Polish professionals who are recruited by various companies in different parts of the world. Indeed, Polish specialists belonging to different professionals are admired by recruiters recruiting for various job fields. Polish architects, engineers, doctors and even IT specialists are much appreciated and acclaimed.The global job market has experienced a surge even in the number of Polish graduates who come well prepared and compete with others. The quality of education system in Poland is assured by the State Accreditation Committee. This is the watchdog for all higher educational institutions in Poland.

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Quality education is everybody’s birth right. Getting excellent education is the stepping stone towards the better future. One has to be very particular while choosing a college or University for higher and better education. For those who are in search of new courses, ever growing environment and quality education, Poland is one suitable place for all of you.

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