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Study MBBS in Belarus 2020

MBBS in BelarusMBBS in Belarus will open up every door to success for you. India has a limited number of seats as compared to the aspirants. There are around 70-80 thousand seats for over 10 lakhs aspirants. The colleges even are expensive for those getting a chance in the private colleges. Due to this situation, lots of students seek medical education outside the country. Here, you can get your MBBS within 5 lakhs per year.

  • The landlocked country of Belarus is a beautiful tourist destination and has a good scope for MBBS in Belarus
  • Its continental weather conditions and huge scopes in medicine invite many students.
  • The educational facilities serve every student with courses that are at par excellence.
  • Most of the top facilities have around 200 seats welcoming students from all over the world.

Do you also dream of achieving the sky in the field of medical science? Is your dream to go abroad to study? Then Belarus can be a good choice. As there is a huge scope here, read along to plan studying mbbs in Belarus.

Why Choose Belarus for MBBS?

Belarus MBBSThinking whether the MBBS course in Belarus will be worthwhile? The following points have been collected to motivate you to take MBBS Admission in Belarus:

  • Belarus has some top-notch medical, educational facilities scattered all around the country
  • Indians who wish to study medicine in a foreign institution flock to Belarus every year.
  • The MBBS universities in Belarus use English and Russian as their mode of teaching.
  • Qualifying TOEFL and IELTS are not required for the students for Belarus MBBS.
  • Mci and WHO recognize the mbbs course in belarus
  • MBBS from Belarus studentsare eligible for entrance test like HPCSA, MCI, etc.
  • NEET is mandatory for MBBS Admission in Russia
  • Clinical visits are initiated from the first year itself.
  • The university tuition fees can be paid per semester wise.
  • Well maintained hostel facilities
  • The procedure of MBBS admission in Belarus is simple and easy for international students.
  • MBBS from Belarus has authentic Indian food in the country the indian students
  • The MBBS fees in Belarus are affordable inbelarus for indian students.
  • Several modern hospitals in the country offer impeccableinfrastructureandinternship prospects.
  • The belarusian medical universities offer a welcoming environment for students to study medicine in Belarus.
  • The medical collegesin Belarus provide great accommodation amenities within the campus at an affordable cost.
  • After MBBS from Belarus, all the students can practiceat medical facilities of international stature.
  • The students after MBBS from Belarus can go for PG or MD very conveniently.
  • The climate of the country is pleasant for students of every nationality.
  • The universities and colleges are friendly towards foreigner students. It is very natural for a young heart like you to have second thoughts about relocating to a foreign land for the long term.

Tenure of Belarus MBBS

Low MBBS Fees in Belarus lures in thousands of medical aspirants from all over the world.

  • The course for educationis completed within 6 years
  • Belarus MBBS has made one year of training as an intern is mandatory for international students.
  • MCI Screening test is compulsory for the Indian students after MBBS from Belarus

Vital Qualifications for Belarus MBBS

  • Qualifications required for pursuing MBBS/MD in Belarus is as follows:
  • Medical student must be of the age of 17 years at the time of admission.
  • Medical candidate must not pass the age of 25 years.
  • For admission in Belarus, candidate must have secured at least 60% in 12th for general and 40% in 12th in SC/ST.
  • Candidate must show the necessary proof of pay capacity of the guardians.
  • Candidate must also possess the certificate showing that he/she is medically fit

Entrance Details for Studying Belarus MBBS

  • The year for MBBS Belarus begins in September.
  • It is required that candidate must begin with the admission process before 2 months.
  • In order to contact the university at the right time, medical student must consult the education consultancy which is reliable and experienced.
  • Candidate can then take admission in the particular university by enquiring about the necessary information.

Recognition of Belarus Medical Universities

The Belarus Medical universities are recognized by the:

  • MCI (Medical Council of India)
  • WHO (World Health Organization)
  • UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)
  • ECFMG (Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates)
  • FAIMER (Foundation for Advancement of International Education)

Documents required for Belarus MBBS

  • A medical student must possess marksheets of 10th and 12th grade
  • NEET Scorecard is mandatory to submit before the admission
  • Certificate of Conduct
  • Transfer Certificate from the school last attended
  • A valid passport and Visa
  • Candidate must have few passport size photos
  • No criminal record Certificate along with Health record and medical check-up Certificate are mandatory.

Admission Procedure for Belarus MBBS

MBBS Admission in Belarus

  • Medical aspirant is required to download and fill the application form accurately.
  • Medical aspirant is required to gather all the necessary documents required during the admission process.
  • Then, university authorities will check with the submitted documents.
  • To confirm the seat, candidate needs to pay all the pending payments for the application form.
  • Student VISA is the next step for the medical aspirant.
  • For collecting Student VISA student must have a legal passport, passport size photographs, health certificate, and application form for VISA and admission letter issued by university.   

Perks of Belarus MBBS

  • Medical universities in Belarus provide great opportunity for the medical students as they get to communicate with some of the great and renowned minds while studying medicine from Belarus.
  • Indian students get great exposure while studying MBBS course in Belarus which enhances their overall personality.
  • Students get to learn and experience the top-quality education during their studies for MBBS in Belarus.
  • There are thousands of Indian students who are pursuing MBBS study in Belarus so Indian medical students can easily adjust well.
  • From the placement point of view, it is great to pursue MBBS from Belarus as the recruiters often give preference to students who have studied abroad as they can adjust in any environment.
  • Medical students will get an awesome opportunity to interact with the people of different cultures across the world.
  • Students need no to worry about the accommodation as there are ample numbers of options for them to stay within the campus or outside the campus in PG.

List of Top Medical Universities in Belarus & Fee Structure

Medical universities in Belarus offers excellent medical education and MBBS degree is recognized worldwide. The duration for Belarusian MBBS is 6 years comprising of 5 years of study and 1 year of internship. Indian students prefer to study MBBS from Belarus as the medical education is of great value and the medical universities are government owned state universities making it a perfect choice for medical aspirants.

Study MBBS in Vitebsk State Medical University, Belarus

Vitebsk State Medical University was established in the year 1934 and is known as the most eminent medical universities in whole of Belarus. Vitebsk State Medical University is acknowledged for offering training to numerous medical aspirants for the Public Health Services which has made Vitebsk State Medical University gain merits and success.

MBBS in Vitebsk State Medical University Belarus
Year Established 1934
Recognition MCI, WHO
Course Duration 5+1 Year
Eligibility Criteria 10+2 with 50% of marks, NEET
Language of Study English
Last Date to Apply 1st Aug, 2020

MBBS Fee in Vitebsk State Medical University, Belarus

Year / Fees Structure Tuition Fee Hostel Fee
First Year Package  6865 USD 400 USD
Second Year 4800 USD 400 USD
Third Year 4800 USD 400 USD
Fourth Year 4800 USD 400 USD
Fifth Year 4800 USD 400 USD
Sixth Year 4800 USD 400 USD

MBBS in Belarusian State Medical University, Belarus

Belarusian State Medical University came into existence in the year 1930 and is known for specialization in 2 fields of Medicine namely General Medicine and Dentistry. Belarusian State Medical University is one of the foremost medical universities in Belarus which has received international prestige and is one of the leaders in providing higher medical education institution.

MBBS in Belarusian State Medical University Belarus
Year Established 1930
Recognition MCI, WHO
Course Duration 5+1 Year
Eligibility Criteria 10+2 with 50% of marks, NEET
Language of Study English
Last Date to Apply 1st Aug, 2020

MBBS Fee Structure of Belarusian State Medical University, Belarus

Year / Fees Structure Tuition Fee Hostel Fee
First Year 4900 USD 1000 USD
Second Year 4900 USD 1000 USD
Third Year 4900 USD 1000 USD
Fourth Year 4900 USD 1000 USD
Fifth Year 4900 USD 1000 USD
Sixth Year 4900 USD 1000 USD

MBBS Admission in Gomel State Medical University, Belarus

Gomel State Medical University is gaining popularity as it is acknowledged by 2 of worldwide recognized Councils namely World Health Organization (WHO), Medical Council of India (MCI) and other international groups. Gomel State Medical University was inaugurated in the year 1990 and incorporates world renowned 600 highly qualified professors in 34 departments.

MBBS in Gomel State Medical University  Belarus
Year Established 1990
Recognition MCI, WHO
Course Duration 5+1 Year
Eligibility Criteria 10+2 with 50% of marks, NEET
Language of Study English
Last Date to Apply 1st Aug, 2020

MBBS Fees Structure of Gomel State Medical University, Belarus

Year / Fees Structure Tuition Fee Hostel Fee
First Year 4900 USD 1000 USD
Second Year 4900 USD 1000 USD
Third Year 4900 USD 1000 USD
Fourth Year 4900 USD 1000 USD
Fifth Year 4900 USD 1000 USD
Sixth Year 4900 USD 1000 USD

MBBS in Grodno State Medical University, Belarus

Grodno State Medical University commenced in the year 1775 and is situated in Belarus. Grodno State Medical University is regarded as one of the first institution in Belarus offering higher education studies in the field of medicine. Grodno State Medical University is accredited for providing specialization in medical education in the field of medical psychology.

MBBS in Grodno State Medical University Belarus
Year Established 1958
Recognition MCI, WHO
Course Duration 5+1 Year
Eligibility Criteria 10+2 with 50% of marks, NEET
Language of Study English
Last Date to Apply 1st Aug, 2020

MBBS Fee Structure of Grodno State Medical University, Belarus

Year / Fees Structure Tuition Fee Hostel Fee
First Year 4500 USD 800 USD
Second Year 4500 USD 800 USD
Third Year 4500 USD 800 USD
Fourth Year 4500 USD 800 USD
Fifth Year 4500 USD 800 USD
Sixth Year 4500 USD 800 USD

Important Dates for Belarus MBBS

  • Medical aspirant is required to apply for the application form within due date. In some university’s candidates can apply till 15th July while in others candidates can apply till 15th August.
  • It takes at least 2 weeks for the university to sanction admission letter to the candidate.
  • It takes more than a month for the Ministry to sanction VISA for the candidate.

Education Methodology Implemented by Belarus medical universities:

When it comes to medical education, Belarus will not disappoint you.

  • Belarus is a country that has set up educational facilities envisaging the value of education.
  • It has 209 vocational schools and more than 50 high schools.
  • Numerous advanced training institutions have been keen on helping students in every possible way.
  • The country houses some impeccable medical colleges and universities.
  • A global standard of education in mbbs
  • The medical universities of Belarus teach general courses of medical education.
  • Finely equipped labs are available for the course of MBBS
  • Since the medical universities in Belarus have two mediums of teaching, the students can choose either.
  • Courses offered are MBBS/MD, Nursing, Dentistry and Pharmacy.
  • The seats are limited and are allotted as the first-come-first-served basis.
  • The universities of belarus have highly educated and able faculty.
  • The teaching methods are simple and follow all the modern norms of education.
  • Scholarship programmes are offered by both the government and the private MBBS Universities in Belarus.
  • The scholarship is available for Indian students forDirect Admission in Top Universities in Russia.
  • International students are eligible for an educational loan from the country.
  • You will get holidays for summer, winter, Christmas and New Year.
  • Subjects taughtduring the course durationare:
    • Medicine
    • Paediatrics
    • General Histology
    • Anatomy
    • Surgery
    • Dermatology
    • Gynecology
    • Ophthalmology
    • Biochemistry
    • Toxicology
    • Pathology
    • Pharmacology
    • Anaesthesiology
    • Microbiology
    • Physiology
    • Obstetrics
    • Otorhinolaryngology
    • Venereology
    • Forensic Medicine
    • Community Medicine


Name of the Medical Universities Total Seats MCI Passing %
Vitebsk State Medical University 150 69.84
Belarussian State Medical University 150 3.85
Gomel State Medical University 200 9.46
Grodno State Medical University 150 13.13

Disadvantages of Belarus MBBS

MBBS Belarus

  • It is difficult for the students who came from different nations to study in Belarus as they are required to learn Belarusian language.
  • For effective communication and interaction, students need to learn Belarusian and Russian language.
  • Adjustment with the weather also becomes difficult for the Indian students who came to pursue their MBBS from Belarus.
  • It might also happen that owing to different weather conditions in Belarus there might be certain diseases that are prevalent in Belarus and not in India. Therefore, Indian students might have to face some problems.
  • As the medical education requires full concentration, focus and self-study it might happen that students do not do part time job for covering their expenses.
  • For some students, homesickness can also be an issue arising with some medical students.

Qualifying NEET: Not Mandatory

  • Every year thousands of students appear for the NEET exam. However, many of them are not able to clear the exam.
  • In India, for every medical seat, there is a tough competition. This compels them to search for other options in foreign countries.
  • Medical Council of India (MCI) conducts NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) annually.
  • For all MCI approvedmedical universities, students are required to appear for the NEET exam.
  • After MBBS from Belarus, clearing MCI screening test is mandatory to practice in India.

Strategies required for Belarus Medical Universities

MBBS fees in BelarusIt is natural for a young heart like you to be nervous about relocating to a new land.

  • Medical students must apply swiftly as the limited seats varying from 100 to 300.
  • It is estimated that MCI has approved 1000 seats for MBBS in Belarus for the Indian students.
  • Indian students must take full benefit from the number of seats allotted.
  • Students are tension free as there is no need for clearing any TOEFL/IELTS exam.
  • Score well in your boards' examination and NEET
  • Keep all the required documents handy.
  • Gather all the information prior to flying out to Belarus
  • The Medical Council of India every year declares a list of colleges. Select colleges from the list. Belarus MBBS Universities are in the MCI List
  • Keep your health insurance handy.
  • Gather all the documents prior to the admission process begin to avoid any delay
  • Do not lose your focus once you land in Belarus.

Living Expenses in Belarus

  • Belarus MBBS is a pocket-friendly option as the MBBS fees in Belarus is very low.
  • For getting insurance done then he/she has to have approx 600 USD to 800 USD annually.
  • For the medical check-up, students must have at least 600 USD every year.
  • For extension of VISA approx. 700 USD to 800 USD will be neededthe first year
  • From the second year, the VISA renewal fees will only be amounting to 300 USD.
  • The food cost is around 1000 USD to 1300 USD per year on average.
  • For the hostel, students must have at least 1200 USD to 1500 USD every year.

Student VISA for Belarus MBBS

MBBS in belarus for indian studentsIn order to travel to a foreign country, you will need a VISA. Read along to know what is required to procure your visa.

  • The time taken for VISA processing is approx. 15 to 21 days.
  • For the applying of VISA, the medical student needs to download and fill the application form.
  • Student needs to submit all the documents demanded by the university.
  • University checks in all the required documents and then sanction the VISA.
  • For the VISA, passport size photos, passport, the application form is required.
  • Admission letter from the university and other essential documents will also be needed.
  • Belarusian government gives two types of VISA: VISA on arrival and VISA before arrival.
  • VISA on arrival is issued at the Minsk airport initiated by the Migration department of Belarus.
  • The student needs to show his/her passport to get the stamp on the VISA.
  • For all the international students, VISA on arrival is issued.
  • The student needs to pay 130$ to the immigration department.
  • VISA before arrival is issued by the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus located in India.
  • Indian students are free to apply for this type of VISA as well.

Belarus: Let’s Discover

  • Minsk happens to be the beautiful capital of Belarus.
  • Belarus has two official languages, namely Russian and Belarusian.
  • Winter has around 21 degrees Celsius and in summer reaches to 22.81 degree Celsius.
  • Belarusian Ruble is the currency followed in Belarus
  • 34.09 Indian Rupees amount to 1 Belarusian Ruble.
  • Belarus is approx. 2.5 hours behind India
  • It takes 7 to 8 hours to reach from India to Belarus.
S.No. Items Cost
1 Insurance 600 USD to 800 USD per year
2 Medical Check Up 600 USD to 800 USD per year
3 VISA Ext. 700 USD to 800 USD in first year
4 Food Cost 1000 USD to 1300 USD per year
5 Hostel Fees 1200 to 1500 USD per year approximately.
6 VISA Renewal 300 USD from second year

Lively Facts about Belarus MBBS

  • The official name of Belarus is the Republic of Belarus.
  • The largest city you are going to explore in Belarus is Minsk, the capital.
  • You will be amazed to know that more than 3000 Indian students are studying in Belarus.
  • Indian students are pursuing medical education as well as Engineering.
  • You can explore grand fortifications, Stalinist architecture and primeval forests in Belarus.

Financial Advice for the Parents

  • MBBS in Belarus is a low-cost program so parents can easily afford medical education.
  • There is no need to give any entrance test which will save you money.
  • The living cost is quite low in Belarus.
  • There are no capitation fees charged by the medical universities in belarus.
  • The medium of instruction is English thereby you don’t spend on learning of local language.
  • The accommodation provided is excellent, which is again helpful and issatisfying for the parents.
  • The economical living cost is not heavy on the pocket of the parents.
  • The universities do not charge extra amount for international students.
  • The accommodation fees are also budget-friendly
  • But, it is advised to hand some extra money to your ward for emergencies
Capital Minsk
Official Language Belarusian, Russian
English Speaking Population Less than 30%
Minimum Temperature -21 degree C
Maximum Temperature 22.81 degree C
Currency Belarusian Ruble
Boundaries Shared By Russia, Latvia, Belarus, Lithuania and Ukraine
Exchange Rates to INR 1 Belarusian Ruble is equal to 34.09 Indian Rupee
Time Difference from India India is 2 hours 30 minutes ahead of Belarus
Travel Time from Delhi to Belarus Approximately 7 hours 30 minutes
Religion Eastern Orthodox Christianity (Followed by 75% of people)
Climate Temperate Continental Influenced Climate
Population Approx. 95.1 lakhs

Advice for the Students

  • Get to know people of different cultures as well as explore good social life.
  • Ministry of External Affairs has introduced a grievance monitoring system known as MADAD.
  • Contact the designated office for any help or if they are in any kind of danger.

FAQ’s about MBBS in Belarus

Ques. How many institutions in the Republic of Belarus offer higher education?
Ans. There are 51 institutions in Belarus which offer higher education. Medical students, you have a variety of choices to choose from.

Ques. Is there any specialized training offered to the students studying in Belarus universities?
Ans. Yes, specialized training is offered to the candidates in postgraduate and doctorate courses.

Ques. Are TOEFL/IELTS scores essential for pursuing MBBS in Belarus?
Ans. No, it is not required to clear any entrance test including TOEFL/IELTS to pursue MBBS in Belarus.

Ques. After completing MBBS from Belarus, a medical student is eligible for which entrance tests?
Ans. Medical student after pursuing MBBS from Belarus is eligible for MCI, HPCSA, MLE, PMDC, USPLAB, SCHS and many more.

Ques. Why must a medical student choose MBBS in Belarus?
Ans. Modern hospitals, along with quality education, make a student choose MBBS from Belarus.

Ques. What are the main courses offered for medical students in the field of medicine by Belarusian medical universities?
Ans. Four major courses are offered by Belarusian medical universities, namely General medicine, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy.


Why Choose Govt Universities in Belarus?

Belarus has become a hot plate for medical student aspirants in recent times.

  • The process of applying for MBBS in Belarus in Govt. universities in Belarus is quite simple and convenient.
  • The cost is lower than in private universities and colleges.
  • You will get the security of the government.
  • You will be safe from the hands of fraud agencies.
  • Know that the governmenthas special protection policies for international students on the campus
  • Economical MBBS in Belarus is a great plus point ofthe Government universities in Belarus.
  • The university is apt in providing a homely atmosphere for the Indian students.
  • They try to celebrate Indian festivals.

MBBS in Belarus at a Glance Important Links

Intake for MBBS in Belarus September
Minimum % for MBBS in Belarus 60% in PCB
NEET Requirement Yes With Qualifying Marks
Processing Time for MBBS Belarus 90 Days
Total Fees for MBBS in Belarus 23,400 USD
Living Cost in Belarus 250 USD Per Month
Duration of MBBS in Belarus 6 Years
Medium of Instruction English
Top MBBS Universities in Belarus All Government University
Recognition MCI and WHO Approved


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