MBA in Tbilisi Georgia A degree which is constructed to train the students in the field of human resources, finance, strategy, marketing as well as operations management is known as Master of Business Administration (MBA). In India, one can succeed in this field only if they are a pass out of the top notch colleges like IIMs, FMS, IMT, MDI or any government recognized national colleges. But cracking CAT is very difficult. And as per the research, almost 85% of the students who appear for the exam do no crack through any of these colleges. For such reasons, studying in abroad is the best possible way to gain your agenda in life.

Studying MBA in Georgia, Europe

Europe, though earlier considered as the spot for culture, diversification, history, and regional values, now has become a hub for the students on an international scale. Indian students have always thought of studying in USA. But now, looking at the quality of education offered as compared to the fees structure, the Indian students are willing to go there and complete their studies. The best place to study MBA in Europe is Georgia.

They have many top b-schools offering amazing quality of education. The universities in Georgia offer accommodation facilities to the students, but the difference between Georgia and rest of the country is that their accommodation is spread throughout the city and not restricted within the college campus.

This is because the more a student converses with the locals of the area; they get more knowledge of the city, hence making them aware. The most popular type of accommodation opted for in the company is sharing apartments. Most of the students choose to rent an apartment and share it. This divides the living expenses and makes things much more affordable.

How to Get Through the Examination Process?

Many people from India choose on to study MBA in Georgia. For such students, it is important to make sure that they complete their previous examination with decent marks, and they have to perform well in the interview round and they have to make sure that they get a minimum score of 6.0 in IELTS. If the student has any experience in work experience, things might get simpler for the as it serves as an advantage in getting the visa.

Thought there are many examinations in India for these entrance exams like CAT/ NMAR/ BSAT/ SNAP but they provide any help in such conditions as they are not handy in international criteria. GMAT exams offer a little help as they help one to get through the admission process.

Kind of Placements Received after Atudying MBA in Georgia

At the end of the day, everything comes to how much do you earn. The better the salary and respect, the better is job. Once after investing so much in their higher education, people will expect the kind of placements received are better those received in India at normal college levels. Many people are mistaken that the degree offered by the universities in Georgia has its value only within the boundaries of the country and it is not internationally accepted.

To clarify these doubts, you should know that the colleges in Georgia offers a degree of EU (European University) and this degree are recognized internationally and many jobs are offered to the students holding this degree. The students having EU degree in MBA climb up the ladder of success very quick. Many alumni of the country are working in many international companies. The process of passing knowledge in this country is based on the mixture of classroom as well as industrial training.

This gives the students an insight of the type of work they are supposed to deliver after completing their course. This also helps them in earning a sum of money which can help in the living there. Most of the universities offer internship from the 3rd semester. The vast advisory board of Georgia also consists of top administrators from MNC which plays a huge role in shaping the future of the students.

Subdivisions of the MBA Careers Offered in Georgia

There are many subdivisions in which one student can specialize their MBA skills. These are:

  • International business and marketing
  • Finance and accounting
  • Aviation management
  • Hospitality management
  • Healthcare management

Expenses Incurred by Studying MBA in Georgia

This is a mentality of people which makes them believe that the international studying is always way too expensive. But they should do a proper research before saying this, as studying in Georgia can be cheaper than any other private college in India. On an average basis, the costs calculated for MBA in Georgia is Tuition fees of the university on per semester are Rs. 4, 75,000.

This makes them quite affordable as the cost incurred is almost similar to any other private college in India. The cost of staying there is also quite affordable as one can stay there for the entire MBA program at the cost of Rs. 6, 00,000. If anyone shifts to any other city in India for studying MBA, the cost of staying there will be generally higher than this. And moreover, these universities offer internship programs after the 2nd semester and hence the student can earn their day to day expenses in the city.

the other things that require investment in this case is travelling, visa , application in the colleges and purchasing books and other necessities. All these might end up on total expenditure of Rs. 1, 00, 000. A total of 12, 00, 000 approx is spent for studying MBA in Georgia. And this in fact is lower than what other private institutes in India charge for MBA. Eklavya Overseas Consultants is one of the most reliable companies offering you enough help to travel abroad and study your favorite subject and pursue the formal courses which are quite competitive in India. Georgia is one of the best choices to opt for because they have a wide range of companies which needs professionals from the management field.

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