Masters in Poland

Study Masters in Poland

There are huge number of Polish universities in Poland where students from all over the world migrate to Poland to pursue their academic education in Masters in different fields. Poland offers excellent quality of education which provides great exposure to the students thereby making Masters education in Poland as one of the best educations across the globe. There are huge number of engineering students who are actually setting a benchmark in the higher education. If you are planning to pursue Masters from Poland, then Poland is the most preferred destination to study higher education. There are huge number of students planning to pursue their higher education from Poland every year. If you are higher education aspirant then Poland is one of the best choices to ponder over. Poland offers some of the best infrastructure when it comes to higher education in different fields. Recently, Poland has emerged as one of the finest destinations to pursue higher education. International students prefer to study in Polish universities as they offer excellent opportunities in terms of placement as numerous organizations come to hire fresh talent in Poland. Warsaw university of Technology in Poland is ranked as one of the top universities across the globe in terms of offering higher education. Indian students often go to Poland to complete their higher education as the fees structure is affordable and the cost of living is quite affordable.

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  2. Courses
  3. Eligibility Criteria
  4. Admission Requirements
  5. VISA
  6. Application Process
  7. Documents Required
  8. Indian Students

Reasons to Study in Poland

  1. The academic education of Poland is of the year 1364 when the first institution in Poland was established.
  2. One of the oldest institutes in the world is located in Poland.
  3. Polish higher education system is developing rapidly attracting Indian students to pursue their Masters.
  4. Pertaining to the number of students enrolled in higher education, Poland holds the fourth position in whole of Europe.
  5. The student population in Poland is approx. 1 and a half million in Poland.
  6. Polish university level schools provide more than 200 high-quality categories of study.
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Advantages of Studying in Poland

  1. Most of the colleges in Poland offer education in foreign languages.
  2. International students stay fully mobile and can study in any part of European union.
  3. Poland offers attractive and diversified education opportunities meeting the European standards.
  4. Students can pursue Masters in Medicine, biotechnology, engineering, arts and business.
  5. The degree awarded by Poland universities is recognized all across the world.
  6. Poland offers high quality of education to the International students.
  7. This is due to the fact that the quality of education is evaluated and monitored on regular basis.

Courses offered while pursuing Masters in Poland

There are variety of courses while pursuing Masters in Poland. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Masters in Administrative Studies
  2. Masters in Architecture Studies
  3. Masters in Art Studies
  4. Master’s in Business Studies
  5. Masters in Design Studies
  6. Masters in Economic Studies
  7. Masters in Energy Studies
  8. Masters in Engineering Studies
  9. Masters in Environmental Studies
  10. Masters in Food & Beverage Studies
  11. Masters in Journalism & Mass Communication
  12. Masters in Law Studies
  13. Masters in Life Sciences
  14. Masters in Management Studies
  15. Masters in Marketing Studies
  16. Masters in Natural Sciences
  17. Masters in Social Sciences
  18. Masters in Sustainability Studies
  19. Masters in Technology Studies
  20. Masters in Tourism & Hospitality

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Student must have completed Class 10th and 12th from a valid student.
  2. Student must have a bachelors degree from a reputed university or college.
  3. Student must have a valid Passport and Visa application should be there.
  4. School leaving certificate is one of the mandatory certificates that a student need.
  5. Student must possess duly filled university certificate.
  6. Student must have a medical certificate which states that the student is in a good health condition.
  7. Student must have a health insurance from a valid and recognized organization

Admission Requirements to pursue Masters in Poland

  1. Duly filed admission form.
  2. Scorecard of IELTS
  3. Recommendation letter from the selected university
  4. Resume of the candidate
  5. Students need photocopy of all the educational documents
  6. Student must satisfy the eligibility criteria needed for the specific engineering programme
  7. Copy of passport
  8. Any additional document required by the University
  9. Admission forms needed by the university

Intakes for Engineering in Poland

  1. Poland universities offer admissions two times in a year in the months of October and February.
  2. Some universities in Poland offer admissions in the month of June as well.

Requirements for VISA

  1. Students from European origin do not require VISA to study in Poland.
  2. Student must have a stay permit if the students is willing to stay for more than 3 months.
  3. For the International students, VISA is compulsory.
  4. Students can apply for the VISA from Polish embassies.
  5. Stay permit rules of staying for more than 3 months in Poland are applicable for Non-European citizens as well.

Financials Required for Masters in Poland

  1. Student must be capable of depositing the fees for the Masters course in Poland.
  2. Student must give the bank details and other important documents required by the university in order to pursue Masters.

Living Cost in Poland

  1. Cost of living in Poland is comparatively low as compared to other countries in Europe.
  2. Students who don’t have a high-income family background can come and study in Poland.
  3. Average cost of living in Poland varies between 450 Euros to 600 Euros per month.
  4. In big cities where the cost of living in Poland ranges from 600 Euros to 800 Euros per month.

Application Process

The application process to study Engineering in Poland are as follows:

  1. Search for a study programme.
  2. Student must meet all the requirements.
  3. Students must learn the Polish language as it is easy for them to interact with local people.
  4. Search for the suitable financial resources.
  5. Student must then apply for the admission in the Polish university
  6. Student must then get his/her Polish student VISA.
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Documents Required for Masters in Poland

  1. A passport-sized photograph
  2. Application fee for Visa
  3. Accommodation proof
  4. Documents for transportation including railway and flight tickets
  5. Student must have a properly filled and signed application for the visa
  6. Student must have a valid Passport
  7. Student must have a letter of acceptance from the college or university
  8. Recent resume of the candidate
  9. Valid Certificates from the school or the college
  10. Evidence of proficiency of the language
  11. Student must be able to present a valid proof which states that the candidate has enough finance to study in Poland
  12. Health Insurance from a recognized organization
  13. Bachelors degree

Part-time jobs in Poland

  1. One of the benefits of pursuing Engineering in Poland is that student can-do part-time job.
  2. There are ample number of paid jobs which student can opt for.
  3. Part-time job will help a student in getting financial benefit.
  4. Student get an exposure of the job culture in Poland.

Indian Students in Poland

  1. The average duration of Master’s degree program in Poland is 2 to 6 years.
  2. Indian students opt for Masters in Poland as the cost of living as well as tuition fees is very less.

Why Choose Poland?

  1. Higher education system in Poland is highly developed.
  2. Some of the Committees are in charge of maintaining quality assurance in higher education.
  3. Students have a choice to opt for from 5000 courses.
  4. Most of the courses of Poland has received the grade excellent which is a plus point for students.
  5. The tuition fees in Poland is affordable and inexpensive.
  6. For Indian students it’s a great opportunity to study in Poland as cost of living is affordable.

Living Standards in Poland

The expectation for everyday comforts in Poland is above pleasure stage due to the fact the country is witnessing the proper economic development in recent years. There are numerous key factors together with farming, tourism, industries and much extra that count on the financial improvement of Poland. Bachelors in Poland can inspire you with the requirements and solace which is probably required for better management education.

Bachelors in Poland for international college students is really a worth arrangement as they'll get the area of elegance infrastructure, modern-day library, superior classrooms, and Wi-Fi enabled campuses. Polish management faculties supply popular social gatherings, international meetings for management students. The management schools furthermore train and propel the students from eminent management examiners belonging to the peak of the business management sector.

Rank Region Population
1 Russia 143,964,709
2 Turkey 82,835,090
3 Poland 82,293,457
4 France 65,233,271
5 United Kingdom 65,110,276
6 Italy 59,320,118
7 Spain 46,397,452
8 Ukraine 44,009,214
9 Poland 38,104,832
10 Romania 19,622,000

Source: Wikipedia

Work Opportunities in Poland after Bachelor’s program

Indian students who own an overseas master’s degree from Poland can likewise set up their career in Poland or other international locations. The Polish master’s degrees are recognized across the globe. Studying master’s program in Poland ensures Indian students to begin their career in Poland in the public or private sector, but they should have the work consent from the Polish Government.

Facts about Poland

Capital Warsaw
Official Language Polish
Shared Boundaries by country of Poland Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Slovakia, and Belarus
Religion Roman Catholics (Followed by 90% of people)
Exchange Rates to INR Exchange rates in Poland is : 1 Polish Zloty is equal to 18.22 Indian Rupee
Culture Catholic traditions prevail
Climate Temperate climate
Minimum Temperature Couple of degrees below zero
Maximum Temperature Temperature varies from 25 degree C to 35 degree C
Time Difference between Poland and India Poland is 3 hours 30 minutes behind of India
Travel time from India to Poland For non-stop flight the time is approximately 8 hours
Health Insurance 800-900 PLN per year
Largest City Warsaw
Poland Cities Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Poznan, Torun, Zakopane, Sopot, Lodz, Gdynia
Population 8.28 crores
Currency Polish Zloty
Calling Code +48
ISO 3166 code POL
Internet TLD .pl

Interesting facts about Poland

Let’s have a glance at some of the interesting facts about Poland. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Poland experiences cold Winters covered with snow with temperature going below zero degree as well.
  2. Poland is one of the countries that is bordered by seven neighbouring countries.
  3. Poland experiences amalgamation of both maritime and continental feel where moderate climate prevails.
  4. Poland experiences many sunny days as well as many rainy days.
  5. Many a times, Poland witnesses summer season that may turn out to be quite hot and quite rainy.
  6. Poland is known for snow-capped mountains, hills and sandy beaches.
  7. Poland comprises of 1300 lakes including some of the famous lakes like Oder and Vistula.
  8. If you want to witness Poland then you must go and study there.

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