The OSH Medical University came into being in the year 1992 when the OSH State Institute was reorganised to become the OSH State University. Ever since its inception, the university has been welcoming students from within and outside the country. By virtue of being listed in the WHO’s list of medical schools and also being a part of the global database of medical schools, this institute has been able to impart education which has been helpful to students in occupying respectable positions in their field in various countries. Even today, students come to the OSH Medical University from countries like Nepal, India, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Palestine, Uzbekistan and more. Medical faculty of the Osh State University is also listed with the Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, USA (ECFMG), IMED or the FAIMER International Medical Education Directory.

Faculty and Courses

The graduate course offered at the OSH Medical University awards the M.D degree at par with all undergraduate degrees in medicine across the globe. The institute also has a post-graduate department which offers the following specialities in medicine, surgery and paediatrics:

  1. General Medicine
  2. Dermatology
  3. Radiology
  4. Endocrinology
  5. Haematology
  6. Cardiology
  7. Neurology
  8. Infectious Diseases
  9. Nephrology
  10. Family Medicine
  11. Pulmonology
  12. Physiotherapy
  13. Psychotherapy
  14. Psychiatry
  15. Cardiac Surgery
  16. General Surgery
  17. Eye
  18. Neurosurgery
  19. Gynaecology and Obstetrics
  20. Emergency Medical Aid
  21. Oncology
  22. Urology
  23. Anaesthesia
  24. Traumatology and Orthopaedics
  25. Neonatology
  26. General Pediatrics
  27. Pediatric Gaestroenterology, Hematology, infectious diseases, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Urology, Nephrology, Cardiology, Anaesthesia, Orthopaedics, Psychiatry, Surgery, Endocrinology – each as a separate branch of paediatrics

Staff and Teaching

Teaching is conducted in both English and Russian and both the options are open for international students to choose from. The total number of teachers is 244 and the total number of students studying here is about 2750. The clinical hospitals in tie up with the institute are all equipped with the latest in medical sciences thus being able to give the students a proper professional as well as latest insight into the world of medicine and medical sciences. Graduates from the OSH Medical University can pursue their post-graduation in this institute or can even shift to other prestigious institutions such as the American Medical Institute owing to the accreditation that the institute has. A special team of teachers from foreign countries have been hired to guide the international students in a better way. Some of the top hospitals affiliated with the OSH Medical University include:

  • Perinatal Care
  • OSH Provincial Clinical Hospital
  • OSH Inter-Provincial Clinical Children Hospital
  • OSH City Territorial Hospital and more

Admission and Enrolment

OSH Medical University accepts applications for admission from students of all countries but strictly goes through the application of each student. Those applying for the graduate degree need to send a copy of the following through email or fax:

  • Application form duly filled
  • An invitation / visa processing fees which is paid in the name of the Coordinator of foreign students’ institution. An invitation for studying will be sent to you in accordance to this document.
  • Copy of the first 4 pages of passport of applicant
  • Secondary education completion certificate

The yearly fee for studying in the English medium course is $2200 and that for studying in the Russian medium course is $1830. An additional expense of about $200 is required as hostel fee per year. During the first year’s admission, students also need to pay an additional sum for visa processing, invitation and the like.

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