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How to know if a MCI Status of a University?


How to know if a university is recognized by MCI

If you wish to pursue any medical education in India it is important to know the accreditation status of your institute. MCI or Medical Council of India gives validation certificates to the Indian medical universities based on several criteria. The MCI recognition is vital for the functioning of the university and giving the best MBBS degrees.

There are lots of fake colleges in India and it is important to check your medical college at the MCI institute before seeking admission.  In the next section, you will be looking at some of the few ways you can identify a fake university.

Check the Location of the Institute

It is extremely important to identify the location of the institute. Some fake universities provide the wrong address on their website and so it is important to check the geographical location personally before seeking admission to the college. The campus should also have sufficient lab facilities in their premises to get clearance status from MCI. So, checking the geographical address is vital before venturing to pursue top MBBS courses in the institute.

Take a Close Look at the Syllabus

Most of the universities recognized by MCI offer a set curriculum for MBBS courses. There might be some deviations to the syllabus but the basic structure remains the same. So, it is important to check the syllabus thoroughly before seeking admission. Unscrupulous universities offer fast track programs which promise to complete your course before the stipulated time. So beware of these programs during your inquiry about the university. All colleges offering MBBS program should have a defined set of syllabus and contain defined programs for the students.

Inquire about the Faculty

Any recognized institute offering MBBS program should contain experienced and recognized faculty members. Unrecognized universities don't have detailed listings of their faculty members and contains only an overview. So, it is important to know about the faculty and inquire about their qualifications. You should also make inquiries into their past experiences and the colleges in which they have taught. This would provide you with a detailed description of the faculty members and help you to arrive at a decision for online MBBS admission.

Financial Assistance and Student Exchange Programs

MBBS universities which don't have accreditation will not be able to offer government-aided financial assistance to the students. You should try your best to avoid colleges or universities which offer programs bases on past experiences. There are also duplicate universities which don’t require you to attend classes. But remember that you need to keep 75% attendance to appear for your final examinations. These colleges are scams and it is better to avoid these colleges.

Accreditation Number

This is an important criterion to check at the website of the colleges for MBBS admission programs. Genuine universities display their accreditation number and status boldly at the home page of their website but this is not the case with duplicate universities.

You can log in the MCI website and check the status of the institute. But for deeper understanding, it is important to test your universities on the above scale before seeking admission.

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