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Get Education in Germany

One of the most technologically and economically advanced countries in Europe, Germany is also ahead of its neighbors in terms of its education system. Relying on a scientific method of teaching, the country maintains a high standard of education in all sectors. Many of its universities and colleges appear in list of world’s best places to learn.

Lifestyle in Germany

Living in Germany is within the means of the average student who wants to go abroad for higher studies. Hostels are available with most universities and colleges and students can expect a decent accommodation and food here. An average monthly expense of 500 EURO is enough for lodging, fooding, travelling and miscellaneous purposes.

Affordable Fee Structure

Higher education in Germany is much more affordable as compared to other countries in Europe. Initiatives have been taken by the government to make education free in as many courses and public institutions as possible. Thus, most public colleges and universities charge a nominal fee only for facilities such as hostel and food expenses.

Assistance in Completing Formalities

Getting a visa for studying in Germany is not difficult. Just like in case of other countries, students have to visit the German embassy in their country after receipt of acceptance letter from the university he or she has applied to. The interview and other formalities are simple procedures which can be completed with ease.

A glance at Best German Universities

No matter which list of world’s best universities or colleges you check, you are bound to find at least 10-20 German institutions there. With their history dating back to as early as the 1300s, these universities are rich in heritage and high in their standards of teaching. Some of the most renowned German universities are Heidelberg University, Free University of Berlin, Goethe Institute Frankfurt, University of Hamburg, etc.

Selection of Best Courses in Germany

Germany is most well-known for its technical and engineering courses which are available for both bachelor and master level studies. There are many specializations available in engineering courses. Germany is also an attractive destination for MBA, German language, economics, history and other social sciences. There are many courses in film making and media science offered by institutions of repute as well.

There are large numbers of Indian students that are interested to pursue courses in Germany. After all, Germany offers lots of flexibilities, scopes and opportunities to the Indian students in terms of career. However, prior to moving ahead with an international career plan in Germany, it is important to obtain essential information on many factors. It is here that Study German Guide can be of help. We are one of the leading organisations that can help Indian students to acquire complete information about German education. Ranging from the list of universities to the courses and programs available, we offer essential information required.

This is not the end. We make efforts to offer updated and latest information on the tuition fee, the procedure of application, the cost of living and the ideal job options after completing education. In fact, we have trained and qualified experts that can help students to select the right course in the most renowned German university. Our experts can guide students about different facets of German education along with the duration of course and funding options. If you want, we can provide you information about the different organisations that offer scholarships, and the different ways of applying for these scholarship funds. Whether you want to acquire undergraduate courses, postgraduate courses or Ph. D courses, we will help you in every way possible. As a result, you will go through a hassle free procedure of admission and selection in the German university of your choice. We will help you to apply and acquire your visa within a short time so that you will not have to bother about getting permission for entry into the country. We will give you a brief detail of the documents that you will require for completing the necessary formalities of admission and visa.

We will give you complete guided information on Germany due to which you will not have to carry out any separate research. Initially, you will get visa grant for 2 years, and if your course is longer, you will have to apply for extension. We assure you that we will help you in this process while you can relax. On the completion of your course in Germany, we will even offer you placement services so that you are successful in finding the most suitable job of your choice. By finding a secure job in Germany, you will also become eligible to acquire a permanent residential permit to live in the country.

With these exceptional services that we offer, it is indeed worth hiring our services. The best thing that you would like about us is that we charge reasonable prices for our support and services to the Indians. We believe in offering highest quality support and guidance to the students of our country so that they can frame an excellent career. If you want, we can even offer personalised guidance by clearing your doubts in the best way. Thus, do not delay any further. It is time to get in touch at the earliest to avail our services.

No Entrance Test

Disheartened over not clearing entrance tests of Indian universities? Choose German Universities over Indian ones. No need to sit for any entrance test to get admission in German Universities. Get guaranteed admission in a hassle-free manner.

Reputed Universities

German universities stand among top universities of the world and that’s why getting admission in one such university means you are securing a bright future ahead for yourself.

Low Fee Structure

German universities charge low fee from the students as the country’s government has subsidized the fee making it easy for students to reduce their financial burden.

High Quality Education

Students from around the world trust on the high quality education system of Germany and get themselves enrolled in these universities in huge numbers.

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Quality Education

Students from around the world trust on the high quality education system of Germany and get themselves enrolled in these universities in huge numbers.