For an MBBS seat, you need 5% in physics, 20% in bio

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For an MBBS seat, you need 5% in physics, 20% in bio


For an MBBS seat  you need just 5 Percentage in physics 20 Percentage in biology

In a stunning revelation it has been reported that students appearing and clearing NEET exams successfully over the past few years have been doing so with less than bare minimum marks in subjects physics and chemistry. Since the governing body’s decision to replace the mandatory cut – off credentials with the more flexible, dynamic and inclusive percentile system, it has led to the exposure of a giant gaping loophole in the assessment system wherein students have been making the final cut securing less than even the bare minimum in the non-medical science subjects.  With marks as low as 5% in physics and 20% in chemistry hordes of students have exploited the errors in the percentile system to make their way into top medical colleges in the country through NEET exams. With this year’s examination pattern all set to continue persisting with the same assessment pattern of the percentile system, it is quite obvious that this gaping loop hole will continue to be exploited and the meritorious credentials required for eligibility into stringent and knowledge based expertise intensive courses such as medicine, continue to be compromised. The percentile system is based on assessment of the proportion of candidates and not their corresponding scores. Hence 50th percentile indicates students with more marks than the bottom half and 90th percentile indicates students with more marks than 90% of the bottom half. It is not an accurate indicator of their actual scores but an aggregate approximate based on the general scores of the entire lot. The percentile system continue to be a glaring loop hole compromising with the standard of professional medicinal care bearers of the country’s future.

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