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Exit Exam for MBBS Graduates

Students will now need to do something more apart from just completing 5 years of their MBBS course. They now have to appear for an exit exam to procure the life of a Doctor they dreamed of. An exit exam also known as a National Licentiate Exam for MBBS students was proposed and had been passed. This exam is designed for the Indian medical graduates and International medical graduates to practice medicine anywhere in the nation.

It is compulsory for all MBBS graduates to pass the exam and only then they will be eligible to practice in India. It could be a good step since this exit exam will also be considered for Post-Graduation studies. If you are looking for a Post-Graduation degree then make sure you get admissible marks in the exit exam since it influences your career path in this profession. This implies that students have to appear for a single exam, to get a licence and further apply for Post -Graduation studies.

This exit exam has replaced three entrance exams that are NEET for Post-Graduation admission, Foreign Graduate Medical Examination and Recruitment for Central Health Services. This step of introducing an exit exam has turned out to be a revolutionary step for International Medical Graduates since students studying MBBS abroad claimed that the Medical Council India’s (FMGE) pass rate was low and MCI doesn’t allow International students to clear the exam. So, here comes the best part of introducing an exit exam which is: there will be only one single exam for everyone. It will be a quality check exam for the MBBS students who didn’t study well during the course and also to check if they deserve to use the ‘Dr.’ tag with their name.

This exit test will surely push the MBBS students to work harder and study solemnly during the entire MBBS course. This is one of the greatest benefits of this newly introduced exam.   There are people in the society who say that students doing MBBS in private colleges are not sharp when compared to students who are studying in government medical colleges and got through a medical entrance exam, without paying heavy donations.

Now, it is time for students studying in private universities to prove those judgmental people wrong. Also, this test is much needed since students might not remember what they studied or practised in their 5 years of MBBS course. To become a good doctor, it is necessary for them to revise what they studied in their course since most of them will be preparing for Post-Graduation anyway. This test will not burden them in any way but will help them to bring out the best version of them. People need good doctors because their life depends on how a doctor treats the disease which in most cases does not allow them live their life to the fullest.

Is an exit exam applicable for the all MBBS course batches?

National Medical Council will replace The Medical Council of India very soon. Also, The Indian Medical Act, 1956 will be revoked. So, let’s assume that the current batches of MBBS course will not have to show up in the exit exam.

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