China Medical University

As it was the first medical school established by the Chinese Communist Party, the China Medical University at Shenyang retains its high profile status among other medical colleges in the country. Students from India can also consider completing the degree from China because of several reasons. First, you get to access world-class education at a neighboring country. Since the Land of the Golden Dragon is also a developing country like India, average students would find the education programs affordable.

Costs of Studying

The tuition fee at the China Medical University is around 35,000 RMB every year. Currently, one RMB is around 10 INR. In addition, students have to handle the expenditure of tuition fees, application fees, a residence permit fee, the cost of textbooks, medical insurance fee, and the costs of physical examination. The living cost in Shenyang is around 1000 RMB per month. Many students inquire on part time job opportunities. The medical course would include basic lessons on Chinese language and traditions. This interpretation would assist invaluably in finding local jobs.

The Internship Assistance

The sixth and final year of the course involves the internship. Serving one year as an intern is a mandatory course requirement. The next six months are elective. The university would not charge in addition of the yearly tuition fees in arranging the internship facilities. The Medical Council of India and the World Health Organization recognizes the Chinese University as a standard educational institute. The approval means you would be able to work as a doctor in India or anywhere else in the world. However, you need to take licensing examinations separately in India.

No Entrance Test

You do not have to appear at an entrance test for enrollment. The university pursues an interview-oriented system for admissions. First, you have to find a suitable online registeerd consultancy to arrange the admissions. Make sure that the service is genuine because there have been instances of fake services claiming fees on the pretext of helping into admissions. These fake services can also hijack your crucial documents!

Find a trusted agency to arrange the enrollment. Do not handover your documents unless the university requires you to submit them in person. These are permanent submissions. You have to furnish a health certificate, an insurance certificate and a no-crime certificate with the passport photocopies. Shenyang is a big metropolis city in Northeast China with all modern amenities. At this urban industrial city, students would be able to see the dynamic progress of China in person.

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