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Which country has the lowest fees for MBBS
📅   : 03-Mar-2020

Generally, Study MBBS in India requires a huge amount of money for having admission in the top medical university. However, the cost of MBBS admission is comparatively cheaper in the foreign uni....

Can I study MBBS abroad without NEET
📅   : 03-Mar-2020

Now, it is known to all the medical aspirants that NEET examination becomes mandatory for those who want to Study MBBS Abroad. According to clause 3, the Medical Council of India has made t....

Why MBBS Abroad is Better Than A Year Drop
📅   : 02-Mar-2020

Generally, most of the students prefer to Study MBBS in Abroad as they think that it is much better than a year drop. Taking a decision for a year drop is always a risky job to do. Most of the s....

Various Options for MBBS in Abroad & India
📅   : 01-Mar-2020

Every year, getting MBBS admission become a prime concern for the medical aspirants. Every student aims to get MBBS admission in top-notch university. However, most of the students prefer to hav....

MBBS in Abroad challenges
📅   : 29-Feb-2020

Studying aboard is an exciting prospect for any student. It becomes far more excitable when you are awarded a scholarship by the university. There are lots of exchange programs, Memorandum of Un....

Discuss the National Medical Commission Bill
📅   : 28-Feb-2020

National Medical Commission Bill is act of Parliament which seeks to replace MCI or medical council of India. So, in a nutshell the NMC Act will be the central hierarchy for regulating medical c....

How to know if a MCI Status of a University?
📅   : 27-Feb-2020

If you wish to pursue any medical education in India it is important to know the accreditation status of your institute. MCI or Medical Council of India gives validation certificates to the Indi....