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MBBS Fees in China
📅   : 05-Feb-2019

Medical is one of the fields of education that attracts a lot of students. It requires a rigorous amount of hard work to ace the course in its proper glory. But with the help of proper guidance,....

Mbbs Admission in China
📅   : 04-Feb-2019

China is quickly turning into the most favoured goal for learning MBBS. In a year, more than 10,000 abroad understudies move to China to go through MBBS Admission Process in China. Medical unive....

MBBS in Russia for African Students
📅   : 03-Feb-2019

Russia happens to be amongst the most favorable and popular destinations in this globe for international students who are pursuing for MBBS, especially the ones who are coming from Africa, South....

Consultants for MBBS in Russia
📅   : 02-Feb-2019

Studying MBBS abroad in a country like Russia needs a 360-degree career planning and university selection. Here is where our counselors guide you about the best matches for your career aspiratio....

MBBS in Russia for Indian Students
📅   : 01-Feb-2019

According to a study conducted by the Higher School of Economics and published by the Institute of Education (IOE) HSE in 2016, there were more than 235,000 overseas students in Russian colleges....

MBBS Fees in Russia
📅   : 14-Jan-2020

If you get a medical seat in an Indian medical institution where more than 180 students fight for each seat in a prominent government medical institution, then there can’t be anything bett....

MBBS in Russia for Arabic Students
📅   : 15-Dec-2019

Students that can speak in English hailing from Arab countries who are keen to learn and study medicine, can find an alternative route to their dreams in Russian universities. The study of medic....