MBBS Students Know More Than Anyone Else

Aug 23, 2018

They have knowledge about medicine:

MBBS Students Know More Than Anyone Else It takes almost 7 years of hard work to become a certified doctor. That says it is obvious for a medical student to possess wide knowledge in their medical profession.

Hygiene is important:

A lot of streptococcus and staphylococcus surround us and medical students know that it is primal to maintain hygienic conditions around them at all times.

Time management and utilization:

Students studying medical are punctual. It doesn’t matter where a student was before but the very first day a student enters a hectic routine of college is the moment when he/she becomes punctual. Medical faculty is quite firm if it comes to time management. Professors most probably won’t allow a student to attend lecture if he/she is 5 minutes late. If a professor can be punctual and reach on time in the lecture hall then why can’t students?

Students studying medicine have good skills in communication and are well mannered too:

Rudeness should be nowhere in the dictionary of doctors or medical students since their diagnosis part is made by communicating only when they have talked about the history. Doctors can’t be rude to the patients. Good manners are something which is not taught in just 5-6 days but it also depends on some factors like upbringing of a student or the group of people students stay with.

They have all the power to cope up with stress during exams and no doubt that medical students are hardworking:

Medical students have to read huge chunks of books and they are introduced to a whole new syllabus every year. The syllabus increases every year and not everyone could manage to study piled up books on the table every time. Students studying medical courses have the ability to cope up with fear and pressure of exams. Also, viva-voce examination makes them hard working. 

Medical students have good writing skills and are pretty good in theory exams:

There is a famous saying ‘MAKE A MOUNTAIN OUT OF A MOLEHILL’ which means a person makes too much of a minor thing or an issue. The medical students have the ability to write 15 pages on just one topic given in theory examination. Some of you know what I mean right?

Medical students are like Sherlock Holmes:

Medical students are those with strong observation skills. Be it pathology slides or X-Rays or microscopic things, MBBS students have a keen interest in knowing what-why-how of every small thing. They are keen observers, be it nature or human.

Respect and reputation they get: Who comes after god?

Doctors, obviously! Because we all know that one small mistake or carelessness could lead to someone’s death. They have a life of patients in their hands, which is why they should be placed after God.

Saving lives of people is primal for them.

So, now you know why it is assumed that medical students or doctors know more than anyone else and they are really worth the respect and reputation they get in our society!!

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