Look Before You Leap

Oct 02, 2017

Look Before You Leap Doing MBBS in India is relatively harder for a student than in Europe because of the strict guidelines and rules that must be followed before and after getting an admission in the colleges.

Entrance Exams

Whereas European colleges don’t need the students to appear in an entrance exam, Indian colleges make it necessary to have an entrance examination (NEET, National Eligibility Entrance test) for a large number of students and then whittle it down to a smaller list based on merit. As a result, thousands of students are left out in the process, unable to pass the test and then have to pay in expensive colleges to get an admission, which only contributes to debt and more stress during their studies.

Way Too Costly

There are even more concerns about doing MBBS in India, like hostels often don’t have proper arrangements and lack many facilities that should be available to the students, coupled with the troubling news about bullying, and mistreatment of students by teachers should be taken into account. In European countries, colleges not only have a very strict “no bullying policy” but also have all the adequate facilities for the students, which is appreciated by many and is among the reasons of the people’s preference to them.

College’s in Europe also cost less than many private college’s India, and are also linnet in their admission policies, for example, they only demand a 50% in the three major subjects and compulsory knowledge of English language so that they can communicate with their fellow classmates, and most importantly, teachers and staff members.

There’s also the simple matter of doing MBBS from private institutes in India doesn’t give the students opportunity to work in other fields, thus the prospects are lessened because they can’t go to other places and work. The private colleges also don’t guarantee any better education, and there are instances where the students are left with even less knowledge than others.

In Europe, however, colleges have a distinct relationship with hospitals and offer various opportunities to the students, with regards to the field of their choice and general lessons about how to work in a clinical setting. MBBS in India has a lot of issues of how the candidates are chosen, and there’s a chance of bias regarding the system that is responsible for the admission, and that can cause frustration in a student.

Candidates often apply to various tutoring institutes in hopes of cracking the entrance exam, and pay lot of money to them, waiting as long as two years after passing out from school to get admission. This process of waiting can be very exhausting, and there’s already the advantage of going to an European college like Armenia where the candidates will have to pay even less than what they’re paying to these institutes.

There’s no denying that India has some of the best organizations for Medicine across the world, but it should be noted that getting admission into such prestigious colleges is much harder than applying to colleges in Europe, which give the same kind of services (sometimes even more) for more appropriate costs and returns.

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