Challenges for Indian students Studying MBBS in Abroad

Nov 21, 2018

There are a lot of challenges that the students may face while studying abroad. These challenges can form a barrier to completing the graduation with ease. If you are planning to go abroad for education, do keep these points in mind.

The Language Barrier

Challenges for India students Studying MBBS in Abroad Every year a large number of students go to countries like US, Australia, Russia, Europe, UK, etc. where English or the Native language is spoken as the first language. It is overwhelming for a lot of students to shift from an Indian language. They also find it hard to understand the accent of the native students and professors while in the class. The use of words and phrases is often different in countries abroad. Though the students have to clear some standard examinations like TOEFL, IELTS etc. but getting admission in the foreign universities, it is not each to match the accent, tone, and pace of the English language for them.

The Cultural Difference

When students shift to a new country from India, the lifestyle, habits, relationships and even food habits are completely different from their home country. Most of the urban locations in the education destinations are westernized in terms of dresses, work schedule and food habits. It is quite difficult for the students to adjust and move ahead with the course. If we take an example, the way you shake hands is different in different countries. The amount of pressure you put while shaking hands can tell the person in front how he or she will behave. And interestingly it is different in every country.


It is very expensive to pursue education on foreign land. It may cost anything between 8 lakhs to 12 lakhs for the course only. The accommodation, living expenses, course material and traveling cost is additional. Also, the student will need a laptop, phone, a new connection and other amenities which studying. Apart from that, the student will also need a separate arrangement in case of emergency.


There can be chances of discrimination on the basis of religion and color in foreign countries. The students may have to face prejudice multiple times while pursuing their education.


It is one of the major problems with any student living away from their home country. The homesickness often hits after a month stay and once you are settled down in the new place. At such time you have time to think and the past time that you have spent at home with your family and friends will make you nostalgic leading to homesickness.

The Style of Learning

The students in India are habitual of the lectures based learning system. In foreign countries, it is more about a blend of theory and practical knowledge. When the students start their course in abroad, they face a lot of challenges in understanding and adopting the new way of education.

The Expectations based on Academics

The Indian learning system is based on the theoretical knowledge and thus high grades are very common among studious students. However, in the new environment with a different education system, similar grades are not easy for them which can result in discouragement and depression. Moreover, the accept and speaking pattern of the professors is also not easy to grab for the new students.


Though most of the universities offer accommodation to the foreign students, the number of seats in hostels is much less than the number of students that go to these universities from India. Thus, the students have to look for accommodation in the city or nearby university which is not an easy task.

Social abuse, financial problems, discrimination, language problems etc. are some of the challenges that the students face while studying MBBS in abroad. Thus it is very important to prepare yourself for such challenges before you leave for the university. If you have more questions, please do contact us.

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