Career Opportunities After USMLE Step 3

Jul 15, 2018

Career Opportunities After USMLE Step 3 The medical students around the world go to Georgia for medical studies. Apart from Canada, students from India, Africa, USA, South America, Central America and other republics. Universities in Georgia offer similar courses to the American undergraduate courses. The course duration is the major difference between the courses in Georgia and USA. So, the course in Georgia is for 6 years and in the USA it is for 4 years. The clinical and basic sciences that a student learns in Georgia or the USA are similar. The cause behind the development of the similar courses is to help the international medical students to prepare for licensing exam in the USA i.e. the United States Medical Licensing Exam. Any medical students who want to practice in the USA or Canada must have passed the USMLE.

The exam is important for securing a position in residency or internship in Canada or the USA. Also, the exam is required to attain a license to practice. The medical colleges in Georgia provide integrated clinical and preclinical training that make it easier for medical students to grow the medicine core foundation. The medium of the course is English. The doctors who have been trained in Georgia teaches the medical students. The doctors who instruct students know what exactly the USMLE asks and they make sure that all the medical students develop knowledge in both clinical and basic sciences. If a medical student passes the Step 3 of the USMLE, then the student is allowed to apply for an internship or residency in Canada or the USA.

It is essential to keep in mind that there are a huge number of students from all around the world who apply to Canadian and American hospitals and of course there is fierce competition among students. So, getting admissible score in the USMLE is a primal goal. There are always chances to get an internship in the US but it may not be in the city you want. For instance, if you want to get an internship in Los Angeles or Boston, this may be impossible because the top hospitals in the USA give priority the students who have completed their MBBS course from the US itself. So, training is same all over the USA, a student can apply in any other state.

For example, a student can apply for an internship program in New Orleans and a student will get the same standard of training as a student at Harvard. Also, residency positions are not open to all medical fields. For example: ophthalmology or dermatology. A student has to be rational at the time of applying for the residency programs in the USA. There are enough opportunities to get an internship in psychiatry, anaesthesia, physiatry, medicine, family practice and psychiatry. If a medical student scores good marks in the USMLE then he/she has a great chance to apply in Canadian programs. Canada admits around 30 foreign physicians. Note that more than 50% of the US doctors are foreigners. That says, if these doctors can get a place in the US hospitals, then even you can make it. So, if any medical student is planning to move to the US for practising medicine, then he/she needs to follow all the USMLE steps. 

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