Big Relief for KROK Failed Students

Big Relief for KROK Failed Students

Eklavya Overseas. March 7, 2020

KROR Examination in Ukraine holds an immeasurable status in the field of medicine. KROR is a compulsory exam for all the medical aspirants who want to discover improved career in the medical domain. Passing KROR Examination is vital for medical students in Ukraine. KROR exam is indeed an examination in which a candidate preparing has to burn midnight oil and prepare it with full dedication, hard work and guidance from the specialists.

The medical aspirants who prepares well for the examination are able to crack the KROR exam in their first attempt itself. However, many medical aspirants are not able to clear the KROR exam. Are you one of those who haven’t passed the KROR test? Are you worried and stressed?

Don’t because we at Eklavya Overseas are here with the solution for your problem. The medical aspirants who are not able to clear KROR test are admitted to some of the renowned medical universities by transferring them in Georgia namely University of Georgia, Tbilisi, Caucasus International University and European University, Georgia. Eklavya Overseas not only guide you with admission process but we also save your valuable. We understand the challenges faced by the students and then assist them in the right direction.

This is for all candidates who are unable to clear KROR examination. Contact Eklavya Overseas and let us know how we can guide you in seeking admission in University of Georgia, Tbilisi, where the fees are 6000 USD, Caucasus International University where the fees are 5000 USD and European University, Georgia where the fees are 5000 USD.

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Eklavya Overseas can be trusted and you can be assured of reliable services.

  1. Eklavya Overseas is one of the most experienced education consultancies.
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Fee Structure for Medical Universities in Georgia

We provide you the complete information about the fees structure. Here, it is:

S.No. Universities in Georgia Fee Structure
1. University of Georgia, Tbilisi 6500 USD
2. Caucasus International University 5000 USD
3. European University, Georgia 5000 USD

Overview of KROR Examination

Confused about what is KROR examination? We at Eklavya Overseas give all the medical aspirants a quick glance at KROR examination.KROR examination comprises of two examinations namely KROR-1 and KROR-2.

KROK-1is the examination conducted on general scientific disciplines. It can be cleared only after you study the basic fundamental disciplines included in the Licensed integrated examination KROK-1.

KROK -1 General Medical Training comprise of test tasks on numerous domains and courses:

  1. Biological Chemistry 16%
  2. Physiology 6%
  3. Pathophysiology 16%
  4. Histology, Cytology and Embryology 4%
  5. Pathomorphological 12.5%
  6. Pharmacology 11%.
  7. Microbiology, Virology and Immunology 18.5%
  8. Human anatomy 9%
  9. Biology 7%

To clear KROK-1 examination, candidate requires at least 60.5%. Students who are not able to clear in their first attempt can retake the KROK-1 examination. Students can apply 2 times for KROK examination established by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

KROK-2 examination is the professional-oriented domains which parallels with the training program for professionals in the field of medicine. General medical training for the licensed integrated examination KROK-2 examination incorporates:

  1. 12.5% of hygiene profile tasks (hygiene and health care organization),
  2. 20% of surgical profile tasks (urology, anaesthesiology, general surgery, oncology, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, critical care medicine, orthopaedics, paediatric surgery, forensic medicine, traumatology, and neurosurgery),
  3. 12.5% of obstetrics and gynaecology profile tasks
  4. 40% of therapeutic profile tasks (Psychiatry, Dermatology, Neurology, Therapy, Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology, Endocrinology, Occupational Diseases, Phthisiatry, Radiology, Clinical Immunology, Radiation Medicine, Clinical Pharmacology),
  5. 15% of paediatric profile tasks (neonatology, paediatrics, childhood infections),

To clear KROK-2 examination, medical aspirants require at least 60.5% as recognized by the Testing Centre. Students who are not able to clear KROK-2 exam are allowed to pass the state graduation exams but do not receive a certificate of licensing KROK-2 examination. They do not pass state attestation. They do not receive the diploma of higher education institution. Candidates who failed to clear KROR 2 examination may retake the licensing KROK-2 exam not earlier than in 1 year.

Medical aspirants who are not able to clear the KROK examination are advised to consult right and decent education consultancy which are reliable and trustworthy. At times, some fraudsters try to cheat the students.

Give us a call and receive the right and our valuable assistance at Eklavya Overseas. For any query regarding MBBS admission in abroad. Do let us know.

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