Best Country to study MBBS in Abroad

Best Country to Study MBBS in Abroad

Eklavya Overseas. December 15, 2019

Doctor, it is one of the most respectable professions! There are lots of children and growing kids that want to become a doctor but it is not possible for an individual to study MBBS and obtain a certificate. There are lots of reasons behind the difficulty, therefore, various countries have come forward with a strategy of providing medical education that is not only available at a reasonable cost but it is valid all over the world. It is important to have qualified, hard-working, dedicated and trained doctors so that they can look after the sick people and cure their sufferings and help them in leading a normal life. After all the possible efforts put in by the governments, there are still lots of shortcomings in the ratio of sick people and doctors available for their treatment. There is very useful information given below about the medical studies in various country universities, colleges, and schools. To Begin With, We Have 7 Countries And What Makes Each Of Them Unique From One Another:


The very first country that we will be discussing is Georgia and the benefits of studying medicine in this particular country. The schools and colleges in Georgia are approved by MCI and are controlled by the government as well as private institutes. It is quite obvious that people will think about the validity of the certification. Since the colleges and universities are approved by the MCI it follows the syllabus that is at par with all other nations of the country.

No matter which country an individual travels, the doctorate certificate will be acceptable and they can practice in any corner of the world. In Georgia, grades do not matter much because every student has to appear for an entrance examination in order to qualify and get admission for the course. The hostel cost, living cost and fees for each year is quite affordable.

You can fix their budget at 27 lacs or a bit greater than the given cost. In Georgia, the duration is for 4.5 years which includes one year of internship. Another important factor that should be considered when looking for a medical college in Georgia there is high competition but no time limit for application.


Russia is the most powerful nation of the world and every individual has a dream of visiting the country for making a bright career and for having a successful life. In this country each and every medical institution in under the control of the government and recognized by the WHO, European and MCI.

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You require having particular grades such as A and B in order to qualify for the medical course. When you are thinking of the overall budget there are two categories, first A which has 33 lacs and second is B which is 22 lacs. This budget is for the entire course that is for 6 years and it includes practical and theoretical practices. Here in this country MCI screening and eligibility should by 55% and more whereas the language is Russian. The time limit is 15th July and one must ensure that the entire admission steps should be complete within the given date.


The official name of Armenia is the Republic of Armenia and it lies in the region of Eurasia. The country offers medical education in the universities that are recognized by the WHO and MCI. The colleges and schools are privately controlled and even by the government.

The cost for studying in this country is reasonable and is budget friendly thus people from any part of the world may seek admission and enroll themselves for the course. The faculties of the universities are much broader in comparison to other universities, for example, pharmaceutics, general medicine, post graduation studies and stomatology. At the time of fixing the budget one can consider it at 1200 USD or something greater than that.


Medical universities are controlled by the government so that they can be properly coordinated and globally acceptable. The medical schools are approved by the WHO, middle east, and MCI! Your grades should be in between A/B/C and their fees structure is like, A – 4.5 lacs, B – 3.5 lacs and C – 2.5 lacs. The hotel cost and living cost would total up to 33 lacs or 22 lacs.

The time limit is 15th June of every year in a specific language MANDARIN HSK -4. Eligibility and MCI screening should be 80% and more. China is one of the most competitive countries and provides wide scope to their entire students who are aspiring to become a doctor. You can become a well-established doctor after studying in the universities of China.


When you are thinking of getting admission in a medical university considers counting on the Kyrgyzstan University that is highly popular for medical education facilities. Its reputation began to expand because of its excellent service and the budget that is easily reachable by all. The basic eligibility criteria for getting admission in Kyrgyzstan medical schools are grades 50% to 60 % at the PCB level and qualifying for the medical examinations.

One can have the complete trust on the collages as they are ideal for providing education to the foreign students. The living cost, accommodation cost, and overall expense is quite low in comparison to other countries. They have a global level of syllabus and MBBS education system and an opportunity of taking direct admission by going through the entrance examination procedure. The university has a global ranking for providing approved medical degrees courses.

Every year the country has a large number of students that are taking admission in the University for studying medical studies. The expense of studying medical is much low in comparison to other reputed countries. you can spend your 6 years of education easily in the country as it is a safe place as well as develop the skill. After 5 years of basic education, one can learn a majority of the practical things in the last year and get prepared for the future.


Since you are looking through this article for getting admission in the best medical college then continue reading. Among the leading countries that are providing education facilities, Ukraine is the most reliable, safe and globally recognized country offering exceptional assistance to all their students. People from all over the world are coming to this country for MBBS not only because it has the lowest cost of education but it has all the modern facilities in the college that enable top-class learning.

Medical universities are approved and recognized by the European government along with the MCI and WHO. The fees structure is quite feasible and can be easily paid in specific installments. The payments specifications can be discussed with the authorities of the universities. In the medical schools, if you need admission then your grade should be B as that is the qualifying marks but in case of MCI screening and eligibility, you need to have 50% at PCB level.

The language that in which the studies are conducted are Ukrainian. When you are going to this country for medical studies your basic consideration is to look for the weather conditions and what are the hostel expenses. It usually has very cold months that last for 3 months or so but has very friendly people who help foreign students. You should complete your enrollment before 31st July of each year as the admission stop post to the given date. The entire course lasts for 6 years and has a minimum budget of 24 lacs. When you are deciding on your budget include the expenses cover living cost and hostel cost. When it comes to studying medical Ukraine is a prominent country having lots of government recognized colleges thus it is the best destination for acquiring medical certificates.


The Philippines are another country that has a global medical foundation and has a huge number of students coming to their country on yearly basis. The basic criteria of getting admission in a Philippines university depend on the minimum scores at PCB level. The academic records in the subjects such as biology, physics, and chemistry help the authorities in determining their skill and dedication towards education. Having a good hold in science stream will enable you in getting admission in the top colleges of Philippines. Your overall score must be 60% and greater than that whereas you also need to pass the entrance exam.

The last date for getting admission in the university is before 25th September, therefore, one must be there on the date or before it. The admission procedure and criteria are moderate so that you can easily go there and seek admission. The colleges have received their recognition from MCI or WHO thus their study structure is the best in comparison to all other countries. They have a syllabus that is well recognized at a global level and has successfully produced renowned doctors.

The colleges are government owned and have a duration of 6 years. The initial years have more of theoretical classes but later on, it has only practical classes so that you can have enough knowledge and put those practice in use after achieving a certificate. The country has favorable weather conditions and quite a lot of foreign student so that you can feel comfortable and at home among the students. Your comfort is what they desire because they want you to perform excellently. For any kind of queries and questions, you can collect the information from the internet about the universities and inquire before getting into the process of admission. You have an opportunity of becoming a certified doctor and practice anywhere around the world.

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The universities that have the reputation of providing an outstanding education for medical in Poland are privately owned as well as government control. There are plenty of benefits for choosing the medical universities from this particular country. Most of the medical schools have received recognition from European and MCI bodies thus foreigners can have faith in their honesty and the validity of the certificates provided by them on completing the course.

When it comes to eligibility the grade has to be B and the PCB level percentage must fall above 50. These universities have the opportunity of getting direct admission in MD or MS but it is not approved by the MCI. All the students, from various parts of the world, have a deadline of receiving admission on 15 August of a year. You also have the facility of learning a popular language while in the college studying medical subjects. Studying is highly feasible in Poland because of the favorable weather conditions except for the 5 months that has a very low temperature. The country has been providing medical education services to the people from all over the world for many years.

The reason for its consistent performance is low budget with an exceptional structure of education. The budget of studying in Poland is 27 lacs and the cost includes living expenses, hostel cost for the entire duration that is 6 years. When an individual is studying in a medical college they need to be focused and determined to do good. If you are unable to perform according to the desired standard you will have a risk of your career. Studying in Poland for MBBS is highly beneficial as they prepare the student all over the years. You will have enough confidence and knowledge about what you are doing when you are actually working on the field and is curing the people.

The excellent faculty, upgraded tools, advanced laboratory and exceptional hostel facilities enable the students in learning thoroughly. They have most all the branch of medical science so that if you want to specialize, you have a complete opportunity of getting recognized in the selective field. It is your decision when it comes to choosing a medical college. You should make comparisons on the factors such as countries, universities, approvals, grade, per year expense, hostel cost, living cost, minimum budget, duration, eligibility, MCI screening, learn the language, weather, MD/MS and deadline.

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List of Top Medical Universities/Schools in Abroad

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Tbilisi State Medical University
Ilia State University Vitebsk State Medical University
Kazan State Medical University Kazan Federal University
Al-Farabi Kazakh National University Kazakh National Medical University
Pskov State University Caucasus International University
European University  

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