Bachelors in UK

Study Bachelors in UK

By studying in some of the finest universities in UK, students will not only get world-class education but also get to deep dive in some of the British culture and polish the English language skills. UK provides excellence in higher education and has a long tradition of providing higher education. Many of the British universities are ranked amongst the most reputed and ranked highest across the world. UK is considered to be the most cosmopolitan places across the globe where you get to meet all kinds of people and provide an enriching experience in studies. Some of the countries that attracts about half a million of international students each year are England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The amenities and services offered by UK universities are outstanding and the universities provide a mesmerising experience. British universities offer a unique and modern feature which enable the students to engage in ground-breaking research along with experiencing top quality teaching along with great learning. Most of the study degrees offered by UK universities offer a great work placement which provides students a chance to acquire valuable practical knowledge. International students get to experience on the job training in specific areas of study. UK universities are eminent and renowned in securing high graduate employability, student satisfaction along with international orientation for the students.

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  2. Courses
  3. Eligibility Criteria
  4. Admission Requirements
  5. VISA
  6. Financials Required
  7. Application Process
  8. Documents Required
  9. Indian Students

Reasons to Study in UK

  1. Some of the graduate programs are even less than a year.
  2. There are various options for study to choose from as UK has over 50 student cities.
  3. UK cities are famous for rich and vibrant social life which is beneficial for the students.
  4. UK programs are known for providing great flexibility.
  5. Students may select career centred study programs in UK universities.
  6. There are intensive academic programs which are available for students opting for fewer years of study.
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Advantages of Studying in UK

  1. UK universities are renowned in getting high graduate employability along with student satisfaction.
  2. UK universities provide a unique research experience for all the students.
  3. The programs in UK varies from short courses, diplomas and certificates.
  4. UK universities offer great work placement opportunities.
  5. Students get a chance to acquire valuable practical knowledge.
  6. Students get to experience on the job training in particular areas of study.

Courses offered while pursuing Bachelors in UK

The undergraduate degree in UK are as follows:

  1. Anthropology and Archaeology.
  2. Social sciences (sociology, psychology, etc)
  3. Classical history.
  4. English (Literature, etc)
  5. Computer Science.
  6. Business (economics, management)
  7. Law.
  8. Medical fields/pre-medical fields.

Eligibility Criteria

Some of the Eligibility criteria of Bachelor’s in UK are as follows:

  1. Student must have high school qualifications
  2. Student must have score good grades from previous education
  3. Student must have entrance qualification
  4. Student must possess Polish language proficiency
  5. Student must have motivation letter or references (optional)
  6. Student must have copies of ID documents

Admission Requirements to pursue Bachelors in UK

There are some admission essentials which are mandatory to submit to the university. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Student must learn English Language so that you can score good marks.
  2. If a student learns English language that will add in extra benefits.
  3. School leaving certificate
  4. Passport size photos
  5. Student must be 17 years or more.
  6. Completion of 10+2 from a regular board.
  7. For bachelor’s in Poland student must score at least 50% in class 12th with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as fundamental subjects.
  8. For bachelor’s in Poland students must score 40% belonging to (SC/ST/OBC) in Physics, Chemistry and Biology as fundamental subjects.

Intakes for Bachelors in UK

  1. Generally, candidates apply in the month of July for the admission process.
  2. International students should apply for the admissions online and that too before the due date as they need to apply for the VISA also.
  3. Candidates need to be sure about the last dates for the admission in which specific university he/she has applied.
  4. Candidates must be certain about the last date of application as well as must have complete details about the course they have chosen.

Requirements for VISA

  1. Candidates who are of European countries need not to possess a VISA.
  2. European candidates must have a temporary residence permit.
  3. Non-European candidates must acquire a VISA from Polish Embassy or Consulate.
  4. The VISA is sanctioned according to the tenure a particular student is studying.
  5. For any confusion, candidate must contact International Relations Office of the specific university.

Financials Required for Bachelors in UK

  1. Candidate must have sufficient funds for the bachelor’s program.
  2. Candidate must show his/her guardian’s bank passbook or bank statement whichever is available.
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Living Cost in UK

  1. Cost of living in UK varies from one student to another.
  2. If the student lives in expensive cities of UK then the cost of living will be expensive.
  3. Therefore, student must live in cities which are less expensive.
  4. We brief out some of the cost of living in UK of various items.
Items Expense
Rent £650 per month
Council Tax £25 per week
Other Utilities £40 per week
Television License £150per year
Travel Cost £55per month

Application Process

  1. Student must search for the appropriate Study Programme.
  2. Student must meet all the necessary requirements of the bachelor’s program
  3. Students must consult on the university’s official website for the correct information.
  4. Arrange the sufficient financial resources for Bachelor’s studies
  5. Student can then apply For Bachelor’s Programme Admission in UK Universities
  6. Student must fill in all the formalities related for getting a student VISA.
  7. Next look for the accommodation option,
  8. UK universities provide hostel facilities which is of great help to international students.
  9. Student can enrol for Bachelor’s program in UK.

Documents Required for Bachelors in UK

  1. Health and Travel Insurance.
  2. 10th and 12th Marksheets.
  3. Valid Passport and Visa.
  4. Birth Certificate (in English).
  5. Six passport size photographs with white background.
  6. Six-month bank statement of parents/guardian.
  7. Letter of Authorisation
  8. No Objection Certificate.
  9. Sponsor Letter.

Part-time jobs in UK

  1. Students studying can opt for part-time jobs.
  2. Students who are aiming to do some part-time work can only work for 4 hours per day.
  3. Student possessing Student VISA can work for a maximum of 20 hours per week.
  4. During holidays, it’s a boon for the students that they can work for three months and earn accordingly.
  5. Candidates holding residence card in UK are allowed to work permanently.
  6. Students can do part-time work in café, bars, restaurants or call centers.

Indian Students in UK

  1. The numbers show that every year the percentage of Indian students are increasing.
  2. Indian students prefer Bachelor’s in UK as the courses are affordable.

Why Choose UK?

  1. Low cost Bachelors courses offered by UK universities are quite inexpensive
  2. Students can also work which helps them in supporting them financially.
  3. UK universities provide globally recognized degrees.
  4. UK universities offer great opportunities for students who pursue bachelor’s program.
  5. UK universities provide excellent quality of education for International students.

Facts about UK

Capital London
Official Language English
Religion Christianity of all denominations namely Catholic, Protestant, Baptist and Methodist.
Exchange Rates to INR 1 Pound Sterling is equal to 92.74 Indian Rupee
Culture Catholic traditions prevail
Climate Warm summers and cool winters prevail
Minimum Temperature -27.2 degree Celsius
Maximum Temperature 38.7 degree C
Time Difference between India and UK India is 5 hours 30 minutes ahead of UK
Travel time from India to UK Approximately 9 to 10 hours (Non-Stop Flight)
Health Insurance £1435 to £2000 per year
Largest City London
UK Cities London, Greater Manchester, Leeds, Swansea, Sheffield, Peterborough, York, Birmingham, Edinburg, Newport, Glasgow
Population 6.64 crores
Currency Pound Sterling
Listed Universities 130
Country Ranking (2023) 3rd amongst 44 countries in Europe
Ethnic Groups White British
Black British
British Asian
British People
British Indians
British Chinese
British Pakistanis
Calling Code +44
ISO 3166 code GBR
Internet TLD .uk

Interesting facts about UK

  1. Let unravel another amazing fact about UK. London is known for more than 300 different languages which are spoken there.
  2. Uk is known for designing the first postage stamp which was designed in the year 1840 encompassing the figure of Queen Victoria.
  3. UK has some of the world’s seven miracles. One of the oldest monuments across the globe is considered to be Monument of Stonehenge situated in UK.
  4. In 2012, London’s Shard building was inaugurated and is considered to be as one of the tallest buildings in whole of Europe.
  5. You will be astonished to know that on an average 165 million cups of tea is consumed every day in UK. Tea is considered to be as the most popular drink among the Britishers.

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