Bachelors in IT in Georgia

Bachelors in IT in Tbilisi Georgia Counsellors today play a significant role in getting young students into their selected vocation and also aid in their college search by helping students evaluate and apply in various colleges. Counselors from the reputed organisation of Eklavya Overseas Consultants can offer their students the right courses as that would help them in fast tracking their career that might include getting the Bachelors in IT in Georgia.

But not everyone can appreciate their help, especially a country like India, a traditionalist, proud of their heritage and culture. Nearly everything a person does in their life from the school they are sent to - to the career path taken by them is carefully contracted before-hand by their parents, sometimes even before they are born. Change is the ultimate constant in this world and often the ambitions of the parents and their children come to a crashing halt when they realize that they can realistically not afford the tuition that is demanded of them. This is where at Eklavya Overseas Consultants we come in. We take a look at the budget and present before you the best options you have for getting your child the education they need without extending your budget or compromising on the quality.

The Myth about Studying in Foreign Universities

Myth- Studying abroad is an expensive affair

Till date foreign return holds a lot of weight in India especially if a student returns after completing their education from a country abroad. To them the student must come from an affluent family who could afford paying their tuition, housing, etc. to sustain their child in a foreign land.

Truth- The cost of education is in some foreign universities considerably less

It is all about selecting the right university. Every university do not charge the same. Most offer their students quality education at an affordable rate that is on par or a little less than the remuneration of an Indian college. This including the housing and other basic expenses is overall less than what you usually pay. To do that you need a counselor who has the inside track of which university charges what.

Result- You gets your child the vocation of your choice without going bankrupt over it.

Eklavya Overseas Consultants specializes in Counseling, assistance and admission to colleges offering courses of Bachelors in IT in Georgia. We navigate through the complicated admission of India armed with our years of experience and helped hundreds of students secure an admission in the college of their choice and budget over the years in a foreign nation.

Education System

Georgia boasts of over sixty quality educational institutions that are all accredited by the state and the numbers of ascribed private universities are even higher than the public ones. These institutions are divided in teaching universities that provides degrees for bachelors, masters and PhD programmes, colleges that assimilate bachelors as well as other advanced levels of professional education.

The Language

English is the international language and every institution realises the value of being fluent in the language. Every university realises that their students after completing education would have to go out in the world to create a niche for themselves. But there not knowing the language they would lose out on work if they are not able to get their point of view across to their employers as well as clients in the simplest way possible.

Welfare of the Foreign Student

Every student who takes up a course in the university like Bachelors in IT in Georgia finds themselves being taken extra care of by the university authorities. The faculty understands the dilemma of the foreign students and helps them adjust to the living situations and climatic conditions of Georgia that is very different from their native place. The university aids the students in finding affordable lodging in or around the university and helps them settle down. They also keep some seats reserved for the international students in the hostel as they are not easy to get and set aside some apartments for their students to use as well in case they prefer to such accommodation.

Scholarship Opportunities in Georgia for Studying

  • college scholarship
  • private funds
  • government scholarships

Application Requirements

Elevated educational institutions of Georgia have a very straight forward application system allowing the candidates to register for their application form of Bachelors in IT in Georgia online. In colleges foreign students are usually admitted after they pass the interview that is taken by the university. But only a select few of the universities require International English Language Testing System in order to allow them get a degree programme that is taught in English. A student of foreign national is often asked to submit such a document from their school attesting to their level of understanding and speaking English as acceptable is sufficient.

Universities Request these Documents for Application

  • A photo of passport size
  • The form of Online Application
  • Photocopy of your passport identification page
  • The learning agreement or Register Form
  • A records of your leaning achievement from your school or university
  • a list including the students chosen courses

The Languages of Tutoring

Kartvelian is the official language of Georgia and is used by most of universities of Georgia and other education institutions as the basic language of instruction. But the universities also offer their students the same courses in Russian and English especially for foreign students to get them a truly world class education. In most facilities also offer basic Kartvelian classes to the international students for them to level the job field in case they want to stay back in Georgia.

If a student in question has poor skills in English then the faculty takes it upon themselves to develop the student’s language skills to help the student match the language requirements of Georgian universities as well as the level of competition they would face out of it.

Benefits of Availing Counselors to Select the University:

  • They can get you the degree of your choice from an accepted college at a similar or lesser cost from your native town
  • Even after their work is done they still check on the students to ensure that they are happy with the education they are receiving
  • They never let you go outside your budget as long as it is realistic or on par with the cost of education that a student would pay to receive in their own country.

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