Australia Immigration

Australia Immigration

Eklavya Overseas. March 28, 2019

Eklavya Overseas provides the best services for Australia Immigration for Indian citizens. Get information about Work in Australia, Study in Australia, Live in Australia or Visit Australia on Australian VISA. Eklavya Overseas would help you in obtaining permanent Australian citizenship or temporary Australian citizenship. There are several Indians residing in Australia on a permanent residency and contributing to the Australian economy. The work environment in Australia, Australian climate and the Job profiles what Australia offers to international immigrants are worth commendable as well as appreciated by the world community. These are the reasons what attracted international immigrants to Australia on Australia immigration.

Australian Visa Services

To enter in Australia, you must have a VISA unless you are an Australian passport holder or if you have qualified New Zealand passport holder. We have number of categories for VISA, candidate must be knowing which VISA he/she must apply for. Following are some of the categories which we provide in our services:

  1. Australian Temporary VISA: This VISA is for short-term tour or a working holiday.
  2. Australian Skilled Migration VISA: This type of VISA is applicable for candidates who require permanent residence in Australia pertaining to the individual skills and work experience.
  3. Australian Family Migration VISA: This type of VISA is applicable for immigration to Australia based on relationship with an eligible Australian citizen.
  4. Other VISA for Migration to Australia: This type of VISA does not fall into either skilled or family category including Business VISA.

Process followed during Australian Immigration

  1. For International immigrants permit in Australia, Australia Immigration adopts point-based immigration structure.
  2. Therefore, a candidate needs to score good points to obtain Australian Immigration.
  3. To get Australian Immigration, candidate must have at least 60 points.
  4. If a candidate has more score then he/she is eligible for obtaining Australian VISA.
  5. A candidate is supposed to apply for the Australian VISA within 60 days from the day his/her Australian VISA application is approved.

Reasons to Immigrate to Australia

Some of the benefits of immigrating to Australia are as follows:

  1. Australia offers higher standard of living
  2. Australia offers huge career opportunities
  3. Australia provides top-notch quality in education system
  4. Australia is popular for all the sports played and hence there are many sports related opportunities for the candidates.
  5. Australia offers steady economic growth which forms the base for financial freedom.
  6. Australia is a beautiful country and there are many new places to explore offering more exposure.
  7. The weather of Australia is good and people generally adapt to the new environment easily.
  8. Australia offers rich cultural heritage in a way of adventures.
  9. Australia is known for its amazing food amongst which fast food is quite famous.
  10. South Africans can easily migrate to Australia as the culture of Australia is similar to that of South Africa.
  11. Many candidates enter into relationship with Australian citizens and then migrate to Australia.
  12. The housing amenities and public transport is excellent in Australia which is an added advantage for the candidates.

Have a glimpse of Australia

Australia is one of the countries which we would strongly prefer as it is considered to be the most relaxed and is known for offering quality education and student satisfaction. Australia is considered to be democratic, modern country offering great healthcare amenities, exceptional educational universities and an excellent geography like no other country.

Work Opportunities in Australia

International students are permitted to work at least 40 hours fortnight during their studies. Qualified students from Australian universities are high in demand and are placed in various domains namely Accountancy, Engineering and all sorts of Professional services. Therefore, there are enormous chances for the students who are graduates to gain employment opportunities in Australia.

Why Australia Immigration is the Best Choice?

The pointwise benefits of Australia Immigration are mentioned below;

  1. An advanced lifestyle
  2. Powerful economy & infrastructure
  3. Invite foreign citizens to work, live, and settle permanently
  4. High employment rate
  5. Constant skill demand
  6. Great opportunities for foreign workers
  7. Good career opportunities in Australia.
  8. Social security
  9. Permanent residency status
  10. Free/Subsidized health facilities
  11. Excellent investment or business environment.
  12. World-class education system environment

Eligibility for Australia Immigration

The basic requirements for Australia Immigration based on the ordinary work visa category in Australia.

  1. Less than 50 years’ age
  2. IELTS Certificate
  3. Skill Assessment from any recognized authority
  4. Nomination from any Australian authority
  5. Select an occupation listed in Australia
  6. A letter for the Expression of Interest (EOI)
  7. Minimum 60 points for the profile (age, education, IELTS and professional experience)

Australian Immigration Procedure and Time

Australia Immigration follows point based immigration structure to allow international immigrants in Australia. Therefore, you are required to score good points to secure Australia immigration. 60 points are the minimum requirement for Australia immigration. There more you score the more you become eligible for Australia immigration. If your profile got selected for Australian immigration you will be an invited for Australian VISA application. And you need to Apply Australian VISA within 60 days from the invitation date.

You require the appropriate advice and assistance to submit the EOI and selecting the occupation or skill listed in Australia. Contact Eklavya Overseas to obtain the accurate guidance and assistance for Australian immigration.

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Know About Australia

  1. Australia is a self-governing country including the plain surface of the Australian continent. The official name of the country is the Commonwealth of Australia. The nation possesses several smaller islands including the Tasmania Island. Australia is the sixth largest country having 7,692,024 km square surface area.
  2. Canberra is the capital of Australia and the largest city is Sydney. The national language of Australia is English and the demonym of Australia is Australian and Aussie. Australia follows Federal parliamentary and constitutional monarchy government. The Monarch of Australia is Elizabeth II and the Governor-General of Australia is Sir Peter Cosgrove. The Prime Minister of Australia is Mr. Malcolm Turnbull and the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia is Michael McCormack.
  3. The Chief Justice of Australia is Justice Susan Kiefel and the President of Australian Senate is Scott Ryan. The House Speaker in the legislature of Parliament of Australia is Tony Smith.
  4. The population of Australia is 24,852,700 (estimated in 2018) and the density is 3.2 km per square. The total GDP of Australia is 1.25 trillion US dollar and the GDP per capita is 49,882 US dollar.
  5. The currency circulating in Australia is AUD (Australian dollar) and the Australian time zone is UTC + 8 to + 10.5 or + 11.5 (summer). Australia drives on the left and the calling code of the nation is + 61.
  6. Australia shares its border with Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, East Timor, New Zealand, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands.

Population of top Australian Cities

Rank City Population
1 Sydney 5,029,768
2 Melbourne 4,725,316
3 Brisbane 2,360,241
4 Perth 2,022,044
5 Adelaide 1,324,279
6 Gold Coast-Tweed Heads 646,983
7 Newcastle-Maitland 436,171
8 Canberra-Queanbeyan 435,019
9 Sunshine Coast 317,404
10 Wollongong 295,669

Clock Time Difference between Australia and India

India is 5 hours and 30 minutes behind of Australia

  1. Clock Time in India is 1:30 PM (Delhi)
  2. Clock Time in Australia 7:00 PM (Canberra)

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