Located in Eurasia’s South Caucasus region, Armenia or the Republic of Armenia is a sovereign state in Western Asia. It has a mountainous terrain and the capital of the country is Yerevan. The demographic and their native language are known as Armenian.

The first kingdom of the country was established in 6th century BCE. It is also the first Christian country in the world that officially adopted the religion. The country was also known as ‘Cilician Armenia’ in the period between 11th to 14th centuries on the shores of the Mediterranean. The country however was divided by the Ottomans and the Russians during the 19th century. The country gained its legal independence in 1918; however it only tasted true independence after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Armenia is located between Northern latitudes 38 degree and 42 degree, and Eastern meridians 43 and 47, and it spans over a total area of around 30,000 square kilometres. Most of the land’s topography is mountainous and it also houses many fast flowing rivers and a few forests. The climate is towards extreme with hot summers and chilled winters. The annual temperature can range from -10 degree Celsius in winters to 33 degree Celsius in summers.

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  1. A personal approach
  2. University guidance till reaching university hostel accommodation
  3. Quality Education

Armenia’s medical courses have gained a massive reputation in the past few years and medical aspirants from all over the world are travelling to the country to fulfil their dreams of becoming successful medical professionals. The universities are also high on extra-curricular activities and world class infrastructure that is only available in top North American and European countries.

Established in the year 1992, the St. Theresa Medical University is a private medical located in Yerevan, Armenia. The graduated candidates of this university are considered credible doctors, often with various medical specialisations. The university also ties up with nationals like USA, Italy, Canada, Thailand, and Holland. It has also received diplomas from such universities during their period of education. The university has also participated in various international markets with a low number of physicians to increase their scope of employment.

  1. Medical Council of India
  2. World Health Organisation
  3. Ministry of Science and Education, Armenia
  4. Ministry of Health and Welfare, Armenia
  5. Other international organisations
  1. General Medicine
  2. Stomatology
  3. Pharmaceutics
  4. Post-Graduation studies

The university also has furnished and equipped laboratories and libraries for students use.

  1. Application of Admission
  2. 4 passport photos
  3. Higher secondary certificate of education

The University of Traditional Medicine, Armenia was founded in the year 1990. The university is one of the most revered universities in all of Armenia. Even with its recent past, the university and its faculty members and students have been able to make a mark on the world of medical research and education. Every year hundreds of foreign students from different countries all over the world travel to Armenia to study in this university. Students from countries like Pakistan, India, African countries, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc. all look to enrol in this university to learn in detail the science of medicine and are of service to the society.

  • Faculty of General Medicine (6 years)
  • Faculty of Dentistry (5 years)
  • Preparatory Faculty (8 months)

The university also has internship (1 year) and clinical internship programs (1-4 years).

  1. Humanities and Socio-economical
  2. Natural-Scientifically
  3. Medical-Biological
  4. Medical-Prophylactic
  5. General special clinical
  6. Clinical

The yearly tuition fees at the university are around $1500. This is extremely affordable for people who cannot afford Indian private medical universities or other international medical universities.

  1. Medical Council of India
  2. World Health Organisation
  3. Ministry of Education and Science, Armenia
  4. And other organisations of international reputation
  1. Furnished Four storey building with labs and classes for studying
  2. Scientific Medical Studying Centre – polyclinics and other facilities
  3. Medical centres and clinical hospitals
  4. Construction of further university buildings and infrastructure

The university also maintains international relations with different credible universities abroad in the spirit of research and establishing itself as a global university. The students also have their bodies and committees that help govern this autonomous university. There are also many sports and cultural activities that are encouraged within the university. Hostel facilities are also available with guidance from Eklavya Overseas.