5 Years MBBS in Abroad

5 Years MBBS in Abroad

Eklavya Overseas. March 5, 2019

Thousands of Indian medical aspirants usually have the fundamental concern of securing an MBBS seat in a good medical college to study medicine. Some of the students qualify the NEET examination and make up for the government universities while others who are not able to qualify NEET exam look for renowned private medical universities. Now the question arises that private medical universities in India are very costly as they charge heavy donations which many students are not able to afford.

In this situation, foreign medical universities are a boon for the medical aspirants from India. MBBS study in Abroad has become a lucrative option for the Indian medical students. Most of the MBBS abroad universities are offering Indian students for MBBS study and other medical courses at an economical price which is completely a different scenario when compared to Indian medical universities.

Many foreign countries are providing high-quality medical education at a very nominal rates and the living cost is also affordable. Students from all across the world incorporating India, China, Nepal, Bangladesh are willing to study MBBS in abroad. Medical aspirants’ top choices for studying MBBS in abroad are Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan and other such countries. MBBS study abroad especially in European countries like Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Kazakhstan follow international curriculum. The most striking aspect of these foreign medical universities are that they are globally recognized by fundamental organizations like WHO, UNESCO which has been listed by Medical Council of India (MCI).

Recently, students have become intelligent enough to just not rely on a single factor of affordability at the medical university but they also look upon the quality of education, infrastructure, amenities and other major factors provided by these foreign medical universities. The admission procedure in these foreign medical universities is simple and hassle-free. Students just need to take advice from MBBS abroad consultants which are decent and reliable. Eklavya Overseas is just a call away. Contact us and get the most appropriate information.

MBBS abroad universities do not make it mandatory to clear any entrance examination like TOEFL and IELTS. The fundamental questions that students are worried about are that what after completing their MBBS in abroad. Once the students complete their MBBS course they need to follow certain steps:

  1. To qualify the MCI Screening Test/ FMGE Exam.
  2. Complete the 1 year of internship phase.
  3. Register with MCI as a medical practitioner.

Once the student completes the above-mentioned steps then he/she is eligible for higher studies and can apply for NEET for PG courses namely MD/MS programs. Student can also pursue his/her PG program from India on completion of the above steps.

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Overview of MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and China

There are numerous advantages of studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and China. Some of them are listed below:

  1. MBBS at an economical price: Medical aspirants who wish to pursue their MBBS from abroad can study at an affordable price ranging from 15 to 20 lakhs.
  2. No donation required: To take admission in Indian medical universities, huge amount of capitation fees is charged in the name of donations and that too excluding the tuition fees. This is not the scenario in foreign medical universities which are top-notch and renowned. The medical universities in Ukraine, Russia, China, Georgia and many other countries in abroad do not allow this practice of charging donations or capitation fees.
  3. Affordable cost of living: This factor is entirely dependent on the lifestyle of the student. Fundamentally MBBS study from Europe is very popular and cost of living is very low there. If we talk about Russia, monthly living expense amounts to 100-150 USD $ incorporating all the overhead expenses.
  4. No entrance test required: To seek admission in medical universities for MBBS in abroad, students are not required to clear any entrance test. They need to satisfy an eligibility criterion i.e. student need to secure minimum of 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Students are not required to clear any entrance examination like YOEFL or IELTS.
  5. Hostel amenities: All of themedical universities abroad offer the international students hostel facilities which are cosy, secure and comfortable. Indian students are benefitted that most of the medical universities abroad offer Indian food cooked by Indian chefs.
  6. World class infrastructure:The medical universities in abroad offer the international students with the world class infrastructure which incorporates the innovative and latest equipment for research labs, centrally heated buildings as the weather conditions are cold there which makes the climate suitable for international students to adjust and cope up with.
  7. Opportunity of getting world class exposure: International students seeking admissions in medical universities abroad are given great exposure in terms of culture, language and environment. They get to learn new languages, see the vivid cultures of the world and get to know the local people which helps them to get along better with their patients during their internship phase as they know the local language. The exposure given in terms of attending international seminar, taking part in conferences and involving in extracurricular activities can be of great help to them in making of successful doctors.
  8. English being used as medium of instructionMost of the medical universities abroad i.e. in Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, China, Philippines and other countries provide English as the medium of instruction. Students must be keen enough to search out before applying for MBBS program abroad that the particular medical university uses English as medium of instruction. However, local language is taught to all the international students as part of their curriculum. This helps them in dealing with the patients with improved skills and their holistic development as well.
  9. MBBS course duration: In most of the medical universities in abroad the duration of MBBS course is 5-years including 4-years of theoretical and practical knowledge and 1-year of internship phase. Faculty student ratio is well managed in these universities which enhances the overall subject knowledge of the student and helps them in making of a successful doctor.

Options for MBBS in Abroad

Medicine is one of the most famous career goals all over the world and the journey to become a doctor begins with attaining a bachelor’s degree in MBBS. Indian students find studying MBBS abroad a much better option due to less dependence on NEET examination, lower costs, high quality of education and many other factors.

Some of the MCI recognized medical universities sorted on the basis of different countries are:

S.No. University Location
1 Ningbo University China
2 Jiangsu University China
3 Wuhan University China
4 Kyrgyz Turkish Manas University Kyrgyzstan
5 American University of Central Asia Kyrgyzstan
6 Kyrgyz Russia Slavic University Kyrgyzstan
7 South Kazakhstan Medical Academy Kazakhstan
8 West Kazakhstan Medical University Kazakhstan

Scope of MBBS in Abroad

Medical aspirants are you all worried about career options in abroad? Let’s give you a quick glance at some of the interesting and amazing career options after pursuing MBBS from abroad.  Some of the career options after MBBS abroad are as follows:

  1. Indian students after completing MBBS from abroad need to clear a screening test in order to practice in India. Then, they can practice easily anywhere in India.
  2. Students can find a career path in research.
  3. Medical students can also opt for hospital management.
  4. Medical students can go for government jobs.
  5. Medical students can seek career in specialization in a particular field in medicine.
  6. Medical students can take clinical practices as a career option.
  7. Medical students can also go for USMLE.

List of Top Medical Universities/Schools in Abroad

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Tbilisi State Medical University
Ilia State University Vitebsk State Medical University
Kazan State Medical University Kazan Federal University
Al-Farabi Kazakh National University Kazakh National Medical University
Pskov State University Caucasus International University
European University  

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