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    Since 2009, more than 500 students have acquired admission through Eklavya Overseas – MBBS / MD/ Medicine in Ukraine and more than 300 of them are graduates, now.

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    one of the most interesting and beautiful countries of Europe. The country has many industrial and beautiful cities. Ukraine is a great place for tourism and education.

    Mbbs in Ukraine - Great Support

    Great Support

    Exams like IJMB, SAT, NABTEB, GRE, JAMB, TOEFL, IELTSM, etc. are not required. Medical universities in Ukraine are Recognized by WHO and MCI

    Mbbs in Ukraine - Cost and Quality

    Cost and Quality

    Cost-Effective But Quality Education with 100 per cent VISA Guarantee For All Applicants.

Important Information

Application Process
Dear Probable Students! We are delighted to announce that we are already issuing “Invitation Letter for Study” for...
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Climate and Weather
Ukraine enjoys a very temperate continental climatic condition, almost through-out the year. But, in the southern...
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Airport Pick Up
Receiving At Airport Dear Probable Student’s We are advising the students to arrive in Ode...
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MBBS in Ukraine

MBBS in Ukraine : Discover the experience of study MBBS in Ukraine for Indian students, Wide range of state-of-the-art technologies along with best faculty provide the students with quality education. The young apprentices get attracted towards the efficient and modern education system in top Universities.

PG in Ukraine

The Ukraine Education System (higher level) is one of the most recognized education systems in the world. It is an honor for the students to complete their PG education in Ukraine. The PG courses at Ukraine Universities promises the students with a prosperous future by earning a lot.

Engineering in Ukraine

The young learners get an opportunity to experience the advanced and professional teaching by the expert faculty members. The Ukraine Universities offer very efficient engineering courses along with the promise of building a successful future for the young scholars.

About Ukraine

Located in Eastern Europe, Ukraine is the largest country within the continent. It has Russia on its east, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary on the west, Black Sea and Sea of Azov to the south and southeast and Romania and Moldova to the southwest. Ukraine became independent in 1991 with the fall of the Soviet Union. The change in economy and political structure from the Soviet Union to an independent country made lives of the common people very difficult in the initial years but soon, Ukraine coped with the change and emerged as a successful economy and a prosperous country. Culture in Ukraine is greatly influenced by Christianity and the culture of its neighboring countries.

Benefits of Studying Mbbs in Ukraine

  • MBBS in Abroad in Low Tuition Fees
  • Mbbs in Ukraine follows a high standard of education and teachers here are all highly qualified.
  • No admission test is required for entrance into most of the colleges and universities of the country. The admission process is very simple.
  • Ukraine is a part of the Bologna Process thus ensuring a certain standard of education, control over quality and advisory councils for supervision.
  • World ranking of Ukrainian universities is high in almost every field.
  • Almost all universities of Ukraine are recognized by international bodies and organizations such as WHO also known as AVICENNA Directory for Medicine, IMED International Medical Education Directory of FAIMER, UNESCO and AMEE.
  • The students who have completed their medical degrees in Ukraine are permitted to apply for International Licensing exams like USMLE (USA), PLAB (UK), MCI Screening Test as well as other licensing exams taking place throughout the world.
  • Scope of research and detailed study in the chosen subject area is vast in Ukraine.
  • Almost all universities of Ukraine have scope for studying post- graduation and PhD thus allowing students to smoothly move from one level to the other.
  • Guest lecturers and visiting professors of Ukrainian universities include globally acclaimed teachers and working professionals who are able to share their vast experience with the young minds.
  • Many professional courses such as medicine is offered at much lower costs in the universities of Ukraine as compared to anywhere else in Europe.
  • Cost of living is also low in Ukraine. A student with a mediocre lifestyle can survive by spending around 100USD – 200 USD a month.
  • The medium of instruction is English in most courses and thus students do not need to learn a new language for admission into the colleges of Ukraine.
  • The Ukrainian method of teaching is at par with that of the rest of the world and thus students find acceptance in fields of work as well as places of higher education elsewhere.
  • The climate of Ukraine is moderate throughout the year thus making life comfortable.
  • Ukraine has signed a bilateral student agreement with countries such as Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic and others thus making it easier for students to shift and to study MBBS in Europe.
  • A vast country with a variety of landscapes and vibrant culture, Ukraine is an attractive destination for those interested in travelling. Students can thus make the most of their holidays by exploring the country they gave chosen to study in.

Our Services

  • Getting admission letter from the university
  • Payment of Visa fees to the Embassy
  • Arranging air ticket from Delhi to Kiev
  • Arranging road transportation from airport to the university
  • Providing Indian meal on arrival and providing students the opportunity to connect to their parents through phone
  • Arranging for accommodation

Admission Process

  • Fill in application form by visiting the university website or download from the site and fill it up
  • Submit along with copy of international passport, copy of school leaving certificate, filled up application form, and the registration amount of 425 USD (approx.) for covering charges of invitation letter, courier and bank processing
  • Send all documents through e-mail or courier and wait for the invitation letter
  • Apply for visa on receipt of invitation letter
  • Contact Ukraine Embassy with original copy of invitation letter, original passport, higher secondary/bachelor degree/master degree completion certificate (depending on which degree one is applying for), birth certificate translated to Ukrainian, medical certificate to stand proof of mental and physical fitness and that the applicant is devoid of the HIV virus, sponsorship letter from guardian and bank statement to stand proof for it, passport size photos
  • Wait for receipt of visa and then arrange for departure

Mbbs in Ukraine - medical and Engineering Education

Medical Education

Ukraine is surrounded by several countries like Russia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Slovakia and Moldova and it is the second largest in the continent of Europe. This country has always been very welcoming in welcoming the tourists from other countries, businessmen...
Mbbs in Ukraine - Travel and tourism in Ukraine

Travel and Tourism

The people in Ukraine have always been very friendly as well as welcoming. Thereare several places to visit in Ukraine and it attracts about 20 million tourists every year. Most of the tourists that visit Ukraine come from Eastern as well as Western Europe. However there...
Mbbs in Ukraine - Ukrainian Traditions and Culture

Traditions and Culture

The country is a flat and broad land similar to Kansas in the United States of America. Ukraine has been a crossroads for a long time running between Arabia, the Orient and Europe and the advanced Ukrainian Rus has attained a concrete admixture of Arabic and Asiatic....
Mbbs in Ukraine - Major Cities of Ukraine

Major Cities

Visit the country of Ukraine and explore the authenticity of a flawless combination of the Soviet and the Slavic culture with advanced and state of the art cultures and structures. Not all cities of the country but a few are very popular. The three most popular cities...

Medical Council of India was established in the year 1934 under the Indian Medical Council Act, 1933, now revoked, with the most important role of ascertaining uniform standards of higher prerequisites in medicine and recognition of medical prerequisites in India and overseas

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Ukraine is one of top countries of Europe in terms of its ability to provide quality education in the field of medicine. The medium of instruction is English and the degrees provided are acknowledged by all universities of Europe as well as the U.S.A, Canada and elsewhere in the world. The MBBS degree obtained from Ukrainian universities is also approved by international organisations such as UNESCO, WHO, MCI, PLAB (UK), ECFMG, USMLE (USA), MCC, and various others. Studying medicine at the universities of Ukraine is also much affordable as compared to others. Here are the fee structures of the leading medical schools of the country:

MBBS Fee for Donetsk National Medical University (Kirovograd Campus)

Donetsk National Medical University 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year 6th Year
Tuition Fees/Year in US Dollars 4000 USD 4000 USD 4000 USD 4000 USD 4000 USD 4000 USD
Hostel Accommodation/Year in US Dollars 500 USD 500 USD 500 USD 500 USD 500 USD 500 USD
Health Insurance/Year in US Dollars 200 USD 200 USD 200 USD 200 USD 200 USD 200 USD

MBBS Fee for Poltava (Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy )

Poltava ( Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy ) 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year 6th Year
Tuition Fees/Year in US Dollars 4000 USD 4000 USD 4000 USD 4000 USD 4000 USD 4000 USD
Hostel Accommodation/Year in US Dollars 400 USD 400 USD 400 USD 400 USD 400 USD 400 USD
Health Insurance/Year in US Dollars 200 USD 200 USD 200 USD 200 USD 200 USD 200 USD

MBBS Fee for Dnipropetrovsk State Medical University

Dnipropetrovsk State Medical University 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year 6th Year
Tuition Fees/Year in US Dollars 3600 USD 3600 USD 3600 USD 3600 USD 3600 USD 3600 USD
Hostel Accommodation/Year in US Dollars 500 USD 500 USD 500 USD 500 USD 500 USD 500 USD
Health Insurance/Year in US Dollars 300 USD 300 USD 300 USD 300 USD 300 USD 300 USD

Eklavya Overseas is an official Ukrainian medical education admission representative for students who belong to India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, Nambia, Nigeria, Ghana as well as other African and Arab Countries, for the year 2016.


MBBS In Ukraine

Eklavya Overseas has provided me what all I wanted in my life, I am so thankful to them. I always wanted to study abroad and my family wanted me to become a doctor. I came to know about Eklavya Overseas from a friend's brother and visited them. I was amazed to know that in a budget of 15 lacs, I can complete my entire Medical Degree from Ukraine. Life is great in Europe and education standard is very high.

MBBS In Ukraine

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